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-dallas, tx

what up peeps! we got another hot artist for you. he goes by the name of blais and he's hitting the music scene so hard that she is bound to start hitting back with a record deal. yeah, by the end of this you won't believe that he's still unsigned. he's currently managed by j.d. wilson management as he works on his album, pressing forward on his quest to be a household name. shout out to jasmine for hooking up this connect with me and blais. somebody let me borrow $5 million...i need to sign him real quick. anyway, before i introduce this beast, lemme make sure he's ready. blais?

“i swear to God that imma fight, like a boxer here tonight
i'mma spit this shit and give this shit, like Obama here tonight
i'mma own this shit and throw this shit, nolan ryan in the 9th
and i promise i'mma bomb it, like osama here tonight!”

whoa, whoa, whoa homie. that's enough free entertainment for now. let's chop it up real quick.

Dom: first of all, where does the name Blais come from?
Blais: well my name (which is my actual last name) comes from my french background. my father was black and my mother is italian and french. in america its pronounced (blaze) and in france its pronounced (blay).

Dom: you know there's some girl out there tapping her homegirl saying "i told you he wasn't half indian!" [haha]. okay, you hail from the great state of texas where everybody strives to "do it big". who or what motivates you to do it big?
Blais: i was actually born in NY, raised in VA. i came to texas four years ago where i started my solo career. i’ve been doing music since the age of 4 and of course some of the legends greats have always been an influence. although, my supporters are the ones that really motivate me the most.

Dom: i hear ya. shout out to the fans that hold us up! a lot of the biggest artists come out of texas. what makes you different?
Blais: well i'm not trying to follow the "in crowd". not saying that's what texas does but i feel a lot of artists all around try to be something they are not. my music really reflects me as a person.

Dom: where do you draw your inspiration?
Blais: my greatest inspiration was and still is michael jackson. besides God, i give praise and owe everything to [mj]. he sparked my love for music and entertainment. i also love artists like buddy holly, prince and john lennon. the greats.

Dom: that's a 80's baby line up [haha] them youngings have no idea! now who in the game do you admire?
Blais: hmm admire? i dont think i admire anyone in this day but i do think kanye is genius along with r. kelly. oh and another up-and-coming artist who is really dope is bei maejor.

Dom: i admire keri hilson. still waiting for her to call me. i read that you write music for the r&b group "3AM". how many different projects do you have your hand in?
Blais: i have quite a few that i am working on. i really love to work with singers. one project i am very proud to be working on is jordan sparks. i'm currently finishing up a song for her.

Dom: nice! that's quite an accomplishment. ya'll look out for that. i listened to your track "come". it's hot and it seems to have a prince flavor to it. how did you come up with the concept?
Blais: thank you. prince was definitely a huge influence with this song. i wanted to make something for the clubs but i also wanted to bring that old feeling back. that feel good, "letting a woman know how much she is wanted without being so blunt while being blunt" music [laughs].

Dom: you know what, we oughtta make that a new genre of music. album coming soon. what can we expect?
Blais: you're going to get ME...a man who cherishes his mother, loves women, and my ambition for music.

Dom: name a few collaborations you've been involved in.
Blais: man! i have a real sick track called "love it/hate it" with snow tha product. i produced the track and laid down the hook, sent it to her and she blessed me with some heat. also my single "make my heart go boom" features my dude steve soulja. he sung an amazing hook and did the second verse also. working on a few others that will have to be a surprise. [winks]

Dom: oh yeah that just sets up another exclusive right here on the blog so peeps stay tune for that. what is your favorite track that you have either performed, produced, or written for either yourself or someone else and why?
Blais: i would have to say my song "something2some1". i feel this is my greatest love song because i broke it down so simple but it meant so much.
"i rather have you cry from the truth, then smile from lie
and i don’t want to think what it could’ve been,
i would love the thought that we tried..."
(lyrics from "something2some1")
like i said, simple but it means so much.

Dom: that's wussup. your youtube account features a verse you recorded on Nicki Minaj's "right thru me". how did that come about?
Blais: just something for me and her supporters. i think they enjoyed that one.

Dom: i know i did. i went home quoting you. you know it's bad when the convo starts off "you keep, you keep tripping like you the victim"...but i digress [haha]. if you had a mic that spoke to the world, what would you say? in other words, what does the world need to know about Blais?
Blais: i breathe music…i bleed music…

make my heart go boom - blais ft steve soulja
blais on reverbnation.com
follow blais on twitter

well blais, it's been a pleasure. this is the part where we tell folks to tell a friend becoz you have earned the Dom seal of approval. take a bow bruh.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

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