Sunday, May 30, 2010

remember black wallstreet

"little africa on fire" (caption on pic reads)-
i remember it like it was yesterday...10 years ago, i was a sophomore in high school teaching my u.s. history class (including teacher who was easily twice my age) about an overlooked, often forgotten and hushed turning point of my city's history: the tulsa race riot of 1921. until recently, it was left out of a lot of history books. many thought i was crazy as i related the stories told to me by some of the survivors. they say oral history is biased, but realistically, written history is full of politics (ie: in 1919, president woodrow wilson received the nobel piece prize for his peace efforts abroad, but shortly after he leaves office, north tulsa gets burned to the ground. ironic?)

may 30-june 1, 1921- the basics of the tulsa race riot
setting and premise:may 1921. widespread economic depression across the entire u.s. oklahoma 14 years past declaration of statehood. harding is president. promising return to normalcy. works to outlaw lynching. kkk at highest numbers. tulsa, ok had it's own "mason-dixon line" and is divided by one street running east-west (admiral). blacks and black owned businesses, schools, etc to the north. whites and white owned businesses, schools etc to the south. the prominent black side of town was called greenwood. it was know for it's upbeat nightlife where many musicians passed through to perform, it's self-sufficency (grown here, bought here), and rapid flourishment. unlike their white neighbors to the south, the area proved to be thriving and recession-proof earning the nickname "black wallstreet". before there was chicago, dallas, atlanta, and los angeles (as they are now); there was tulsa-the pride of the great southwest.
"cause": a black man trips while entering an elevator (operated by a white woman) of a building he worked in and breaks his fall by hanging on the elevator operator. she screams. he is subsequently arrested for assault (elevated to sexual assault). rumor gets out that he was to be hung for his crime. a crowd of black men, take up arms and march to the courthouse. a white man, at the courthouse grabs the gun of one of the black men there. a struggle ensues, the white man lay dead, and the riot begins. the greenwood area, also known as black wallstreet, is burned down to the ground by angry white rioters. planes were used to "burn little africa" to the ground. after the riot was over, the elevator operator dropped the charges due to a "misunderstanding".
aftermath: official death toll was set at 39 (26 black and 13 white). despite the coverup, there has been sufficent evidence brought forth to prove that a mass burial exists across the street from where the old drillers baseball stadium once stoodb where many were rounded up for "safety" then mowed down with machine guns and dragged out, dumped into a landfill-like grave where a shopping center now sits. additionaly, there was a park that called for expansion in 2002. when excavation began, another mass burial was found.
many mayors, governors, congressmen, politicians etc. have aplogized for the incident yet have failed to agree on an appropriate form of repirations. to date, the greenwood area has yet to recover and is now considered the ghetto.

food for thought. remember my city as it was this holiday.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

what had happened was...

it's never a good story when it includes that phrase huh? i have a problem with this phrase for a few reasons, especially when it comes to describing a fight. the other day some guy comes up and explains why his eye is on swoll without me even asking. he was quick to let me know that he had a lot of "so-called" friends there but none of them helped him out. you know what? i'll just start the list now:

1) throwing blame- look if you got whooped, so be it. i bet if your friends were there when you told the story, their version would be completely different.
2) distracted- how is it the person that loses always is a victim of a sucker punch?
3) i would have- "okay homie knocked me down but if he had stayed there i would have knocked him out!" nah, you probably be in a hospital.
4) girl- most of the time is starts with a girl. probably met her at the club and either old dude bought her a drink or his lady got beef with yours and you tried to break it up...sound familiar?

the point is, if you got whooped, just say it. i dont need a "what had happened was..." story. by the way, sorry for the accidental delete brittbrat! what had happened

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Friday, May 21, 2010

"...she was trying to get his attention..."

okay, i had a little trouble with this one. not that i was torn, but the fact i wanted to believe the teacher and the double talking lawyer were sincerely apologetic and are willing to admit guilt on the part of the teacher, but i felt like they were still trying to justify the reason for her actions by blaming the way the system is being run.

the story line: in houston, tx a teacher has been fired for beating a 13 yr old student causing a black eye, a contusion, and bruises.
the excuse: student was a threat to a mental disable female student.
justification: student has abusive criminal record and has a history of striking fellow students as well as teachers. according to her lawyer "...she was trying to get his attention...".
setting: jamie's house charter school for troubled teen. "no system of security". teachers are first and last line of defense for themselves and other students in locked rooms.

watch here

my take on it: okay. you know what you're getting into working in an environment where these kids have known issues. these are kids. they obviously have no positive role models. this particular situation involves a teacher who earned teacher of the year twice in three years of teaching. you mean to tell me that she could not think of any better way to handle this situation? how about becoming a physical barrier between the aggressor and the victim. call for backup. call his momma. she's on camera portraying that she cares (but then again, dollar signs cause people to do strange things). to me, it seems the stress of the job (i do not doubt that the school is a highly stressful environment) got the best of her and she found an inappropriate outlet in the form of a trouble making teen. i relate this incident to working in a mental institution. these people are fragile. we know that going in. so if a mental disable patient hits you or becomes aggressive, we relate that to a mental disease, restrain them, remove them from the situation, and give them space. why couldn't she and the onlooking staff do the same? i'm not saying this boy was an angel, just an angel with a problem.

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mercy or no mercy?

san antonio, tx - may 2009 (pic from dash cam of v.i.a. bus)

the mother of a now 2 yr old baby is begging for mercy to keep her three children after a bus driver nearly hit the then 14 month old whom was seated in the middle of a busy street! if that's not bad enough, throw in the fact that it was midnight and the parents had no idea that their baby was outside...yeah. fortunately for everyone involved, the bus driver stopped just feet in front of the baby. once the bus driver got out of the bus, the father of the baby trotted out, picked up the baby, and turned to go inside without saying a word.

watch the video here

so i ask you, yeah things happen. and sometimes it takes a mistake before some people learn. but this incident could have cost that baby's life. do these parents deserve mercy?
notice the way everything went down then answer this: why weren't the parents more grateful to the alert bus driver? and why wasn't the 14 month old IN BED LIKE THE REST OF THE BABIES AROUND THE WORLD? even if the kids were allowed to be up at that hour, why weren't they being supervised with an open door?

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


okay...there are some products out there that made me step back and say "are you serious? that's what they call it huh?" namely the iPad and Nature Valley's Sweet and Salty Nut Bars...enough said. so i did some research and found some that were even worse than that (courtesy of enjoy:

12 most unfortunate product names:

12. Vergatario Mobile - in Venezuela it means "reliable". in latin america it's slang for "penis".
11. 666 Cold Medicine - yeah.
10. Cock Flavoured Soup mix - um okay?
09. Jussipussi bread - yummy!
08. SARS (drink) - no thanx New Zeland.
07. Wack Off (insect repellant) - idk ask Austrailia.
06. Megapussi (chips) - family size bag of Tinypussi chips (just a guess).
05. Shitto (sauce) - mmm Ghanna.
04. Ayds (diet candy) - pronounced "AIDS". no comment.
03. Pee Cola - from Ghanna. to wash down your Shitto sandwich.
02. Vergina Beer - to wash down your Jussipussi bread.
01. Golden Gaytime ice-cream - you can thank Austrailia for that.

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like, luh, love...what ya say?

LONELY: "i can't believe he just up and left me without saying a word. he didn't even try to work things out with me."
FRIEND: "well you guys argued all the time. you're better off without him."
LONELY: "you're probably right, but he told me he loved me!"

sound familiar? now i'm no love doctor by anymeans but there are men and women out there that confuse "like" with "luh" and "love". follow me for a minute coz this can surely prevent a lot of unnecessary heartbreak.
first off, i'll start by saying if you have only known that person for 3 months or less, you have no business tryna love them. nobody reveals their true self in the first 90 days. their too busy tryna be "perfect".
second, if they say they love you, ask them why. what sets you apart from everybody else that they can't seem to find in another person.
third, listen. if they say they "luh" you they dont "love" you. it's less than love and more than like. this is not the time to move in with them.
fourth, be patient. if they are caught up in their career, they probably don't have much time for a serious relationship. don't try to force them to make a lot of time for you or be overly intimate early in the relationship. give them a chance to pace themselves and manage their priorities. forcing their hand will only scare them away. they will miss you in their own time.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

law abiding citizen

for anybody who hasn't seen this movie, it makes you think about what you would do if you were in the same situation. think about it. if somebody murdered your familly in front of you, what would you do? a lot of us would say that everybody involved would pay, but where do we draw the line? when do you stop avenging and start becoming a murderer yourself? this is a pretty dark subject but i think we all need to step back and think about the things we say and manifest in our hearts. on the other hand, the justice system isn't perfect. we can definitely do better in that sense. legal loopholes are nonsense when the case is black and white.
i liked the movie from a writer's prospective. couldn't have written it any better.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

she so sweet!

hey fellas,
feel me on this for a minute. you ever wonder why it's so hard not to flirt with a big girl? i mean for real. and you can't say 'whoa, you got the wrong idea' coz you know good and well you was flirting with her. big girls are so sweet and nice. they call you sweet names like 'honey' and 'sugar'. and then 99% of them got a pretty face! you ever notice that? so it's hard not to flirt with them coz they are so pleasant. you can't be mean to them anyway. it's like the 11th commandment becoz they always got really fine friends. and they friends base if they like you on how well you treat their big friend. i know it's messed up but it's the way it works. and then there's those big girls that act like they were skinny up until yesterday. it don't matter their excuse, they still sweet. now someone prolly gonna say, 'dom, i saw you the other day and you wasn't with no big girl.' i used to be but she just happened to be a mean big girl so i figured if i'm gonna be with a mean girl, i wanna be with one i can pick up and slam on the bed every once in a while when she get on my nerves! (jk)

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

handshake or fist bump?

so this guy i know saw me in passing and as we got closer to each other, he held his hand out to shake my hand. i, instead, offered him a fist. he stopped dead in his tracks and says, "i don't want none of that! you shake my hand like a man! we're better than that, aren't we?"
okay, yeah we cool but...there are some nasty people out there that don't wash their hands. i mean let's keep it real. we've all been in a public restroom where we have witness somebody that has walked right out the door after taking a crap without washing their hands. and what did they do? they grabbed the door handle! so now there are doo doo germs all over the door handle. so how am i gonna get out the door after washing my hands without getting doo doo germs on my hands? i wash my hands, dry my hands with a paper towel (automatic dispense preferred), turn off the water with the paper towel, and open the door with that same paper towel. ya'll can call me a germaphobe if you want. if you touch that door handle after washing your hands, your hands ain't as clean as you think they are! anyway, back to my point, it was nothing against him, but i don't know how many other people he shook hands with, so on and so forth. so as far as i'm concerned, everybody can get a fist bump from me.

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run dmc rebirth

there are a lot...i mean a lot of adults, teens, even 4 yr olds rocking the run dmc black tees now-a-days. has anybody noticed this besides me? it's crazy because the rise and set of the group including the death of jam master jay has ran it's course before the some of these kids even formed their first memory. so i ask, are these kids being taught about run dmc in music history class? or is oral history finally catching up to the new school? or has society finally made the authenticity of this group, cool? i don't have the answer but i do know that a legend's legacy will outlive him forever...

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Friday, May 14, 2010

black and black only?

so i'm talking to a really good friend of mine, and somehow in the convo we got on the "issue" of black men not dating black women. namely me. first off let me start by saying that i am an equal opportunity dater. i don't choose a woman based on race. second let me add that i have dated black women in the past. that being established, let's dig deeper into this issue becoz i hear this alot. funny thing is no one has a problem with the fact that haven't dated any white women. hmm...
there are people that choose to stay within their own race. that's their preference. more power to them. there are good black men out there that black women don't give the time of day. why? typically coz he's not flashy like the guys with the rims or with the chain making the short-lived quick bucks being loud and saying "shawty" every third word. he's the one being overlooked becoz he tried doing things the right way (going to school etc) and he has bills he needs to pay off before he's fully established. but a lot of women don't want to wait for somebody like that. that's women in general- not just black women.
now...there are guys out there that choose not to date black women becoz of how the typical black woman is portrayed in society (the media is partially to blame for that): loud, ghetto, gold-diggers with attitudes.
now back to me:
i don't want a woman that doesn't want better for herself than what her gloomy environment has to offer, and i don't want someone that is not willing to work for it. i don't want a woman that is looking for handouts. i don't want a woman who feels like she is entitled to something all the time. i dont want a woman that acts as if i am fortunate to be with her as if i couldn't do any better if i tried. i dont want a woman that acts like she has an attitude problem every 5 minutes. i dont want a woman who's goal in life is to meet 50 Cent. i don't want a woman who can't accept me for who i am. now if that is your definition of a black woman, then you're right...i don't want one.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

"sex eyes"

answer me this: what is so sexy about sex eyes? i mean think about it...who came up with the idea of turning your head to the side and squinting as if you can barely see who you're looking at to indicate that you are sexually interested in the person you met eyes with? i mean that is so lazy! and what if you don't mean the same thing? like what if the other person really can't see? that would be awkward! i mean you go over to seal the deal and they look at you like, huh? well i got the remedy for all that. lets take notes from the american alligator. here's an animal that leaves nothing to chance by elimnating all misconceptions. here's how it works:

1. Snout-touching: that's right. walk up to the person that caught your eye and rub your nose on theirs
2. bellowing: go up to them and let out a huge Chewbacca-esque yell to let them know you want them...bad!
3. coughing: go ahead, cough on 'em! it's sexy!
4. back-rubbing: not with your hands. use your back to rub their back.
5. circling: you can freestyle your way through this part. trace circles around their face with your finger, walk in circles around them while spinning, anything to get the attention of the one you want!
6. bubble-blowing: if you have allergies or a cold, blow snot bubbles. if they have a drink, blow bubble in their drink with your nose! awesome!
7. swim together:after all that work, invite them for a swim. if they accept, you have officially closed the deal. if not, don't be discouraged becoz they are sure to remember you forever!

remember these methods are fool-proof. they have been working in nature for thousands upon thousands of years! so try something new. don't be lazy and be sure that they know you mean business!

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hey peeps,
for those of you writing in about the blog and those of you new to the blog, i'll point out a few segments, as it were, that are featured on this site:

"just listen"is designed to let you vent. whatever it is, let's get it off your chest. even if you're not looking for a response and you just wanna talk out loud, hit me up on my email and put "just listen" in the subject line.

"community heroes" are real people that deserve real recognition. write in to share what makes members in your community, real heroes.

"random thoughts" you might see me go on a rant about random things on here that i might see in the world etc. so just bear with me lol but if you got some random thoughts, please share them.

also there is "community issues" "random pix" (where i see something unexpected and write a fictional news story about it) and "where's dom" (for when i go m.i.a.) anyway just hit me up. the email is:

if nothing further, i'm out!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

expressionism movement revival?

there are so many good young unknown writers, artists, dancers, etc out there right now. many of them are very expressive. if you think about krumping, profound music and visual artists, writers, and dancers...all of that expression says to me that we have a revial of the expressionism movement. educate yourself:

"'Expressionism' was a cultural movement, initially in poetry and painting, originating in Germany at the start of the 20th century. Its typical trait is to present the world under an utterly subjective perspective, violently distorting it to obtain an emotional effect and vividly transmit personal moods and ideas. Expressionist artists sought to express the meaning of "being alive" and emotional experience rather than physical reality." - Wikipedia

it's official and you read it right here before anywhere else. we are in the middle of a movement. let me know what you're doing to be a part of it:

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Friday, May 7, 2010

adolescent monopoly

so the fam and i go to the mini-carnival in town and i see the place is packed with teens. so i'm looking around and noticing that some of these kids are doing things that i swear they mamas would kill them over. this one dude was putting his tongue in this girl's ear that he was hugged up with. young cats pay attention: there is nothing sexy about earwax. period. anyway, i'm walking around with my daughter in my arms waiting in line for a ride and i look up to find this teen girl trying to make eyes with me. i'm like hell nah! granted i did shave, and i dont look my age, but 13, 14, 15, 16...what you know about making eyes with somebody you don't know? i mean, what if they met a perv and walked off with them? they would be in a bad situation. there are some messed up people out there so the moral of the story is...parents if you're gonna let your teens run the streets, make sure they are in large groups and they know how to dial for help. the way somebody's daughter out there has clean ears now so no need to worry about that.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

no title

So addicted
Had no idea it was like this,
Touch of death
Killed my ego just with one kiss,
Can't get enough of ya lately
So now I'm having fits,
Arms itching, where you been?
Hook me up, I need a fix...
My family say I need an intervention,
But I ain't hearing it
So I don't even pay attention,
I can do without you if I have to,
I'm sure that I can find another
To replace you,
Who am I kidding?
It's been two days,
And I ain't making any progress
With these shakes,
I wish that you would fade
From my vision like a shade,
One minute at a time
It gets easier to say,
That today will be the day
And I'ma be okay,

dear dom

i'm kinda sad right now. my wife and i have been trying to have children for years. the chances of us having a baby naturally was so slim that our doctor suggested that we looked into artificial medical procedures. the methods are so expensive that health insurance wouldn't cover it because it's not a necessary medical procedure. and on teacher's wages, it's definitely nothing we could pay for without saving. after discussion and careful planning, we saved enough to try the procedure once and if that didn't work, we were going to adopt. so we tried, and my wife didn't get pregnant. however, our doctor convinced us to try one more time and sure enough the second time she got pregnant! i was so excited to meet my firstborn as i watched my wife's belly grow. about a month out from her expected due date, my wife began to worry because she hadnt felt the baby kick. we went to the hospital and they induced her labor to save the baby. sadly, instead of celebrating, we signed a death certificate and started planning a funeral. now that it's over, we are without the child we always wanted and the means to adopt. it kinda put things in prospective for me this week. with all the talk of invasive abortions that people opt for because they wrecklessly live their life, and there are good people out there that wish they had a blessing to call their own. makes you wonder why good things happen to bad people. i just needed to talk to someone who has been in my shoes before.
thanks dom. a friend of mine refered me to your blog.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

poe-tay-toe vs pah-tah-toe

there has been a very slight, yet necessary change made to the recently passed controversial arizona law. for those that don't know the state of arizona has passed a law that makes it a crime to be an illegal immigrant, punishable via imprisonment and due process that includes deportation. the "remix" to this law, as it were, is as follows:

"The new version of the law says: "A law enforcement official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state may not consider race, color or national origin in implementing the requirements of this subsection except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona Constitution."

The prior version had said that an official "may not solely consider race" in such circumstances.

The change appears to limit the scope of the law. The previous wording left open the possibility that race could be used as a factor -- just not the sole factor -- in deciding to stop someone."

where does this put us? better than we were. there are some that believe that this goes back to having probable cause. it's not uncommon to find situations where probable cause is quite a gray area. others argue that the likelihood of asking a man from europe for his legal documentation that proves he can be here is practically zero; yet, asking a u.s. born latin man for documentation is almost certain. racial profiling will still be an issue without the law. it's just a little more legal now. we'll see in the next 90 days how this will pan out when the law officially goes into effect.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

honor your community heroes

hey peeps,
i'm starting a new segment on this blog where i would like to recognize the "heroes" in each of our communities. so write in: email me at and tell me about someone that is making a difference in your area. i'm looking forward to all the entries.

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