Saturday, December 18, 2010

b payne tha rapper part 3

-orlando florida

another exclusive!!! checking in with brandon "b payne" payne to get the "new new" about his adventures and learn more about his street team. let's get to it!!!

Dom: aight payne, so word is you have a few projects in the works. what's the first thing you got coming up?

BPayne: well i got my 2nd annual concert at a local orlando club named SCOOP Bar and Grill on Saturday, January 22nd.

Dom: thas wussup. how did that come about?

BPayne: well they say hard work doesn't go unnoticed. i grinded hard last november after the release of my first official mixtape "ThA.CravE" and the right ears heard it. gained some contacts with club owners, mainly my boy Mike Irene, who basically opened to doors. There was such a good turnout at the first show in January 2010 that i decided to do it again, but bigger and better.

Dom: okay okay. i guess the fans gotta see it to believe it. i'm sure #TeamPayne is all over that one right?

BPayne: haha YESSIR. "man i love my team, i would die for these niggas ahhhhhhh" [Drake voice lol). nah, but really, #TeamPayne is now my backbone.

Dom: ‎for those who don't know, what exactly is #TeamPayne?

BPayne: alright #TeamPayne is my basically my ride or die appointed fans that have banded together to stop at nothing to ensure my success. it feels so good to know that i have impacted souls so much that they are dedicated to help the way they are. i appreciate all of them so much. the head of the team (under me) is my #2 fan Lea Thompson. the team was basically her idea and she does what she has to do to help. shoutout to the other members though. that's my dudes Derek and Melvin, and my beautiful ladies Andrea, Ingrid, Stacy, Michelle, Yavi, my sister Tonya, my United Kingdom member Leonie, and the newest recruit Atarah. I love all yall and appreciate the support so much.

Dom: gotta show love to those that show you love. it's been a minute (since october) since the mixtape dropped and we last did a spot for the blog. talk to me about the success of the last mixtape.

BPayne: Yo that shit blew the FUCK up. For most of the members of the team, #LightSwitch was the first thing they heard from me. They grew love for my music cuz my love for it was shown through that mixtape. Its still getting checked out all around. Even in the UK. Definitely a big success.

Dom: from FLA to the UK. what a difference a year makes. what's next for bpayne?

BPayne: global domination [haha] no joke though. i'm coming for everybody iPod, iTunes, ears, hearts and all. me and my team are making it to the top no matter what anybody thinks. january is our month, 2011 is our year. #TeamPayne or stay broke.

Dom: as long as you stay in touch with your favorite writer. i gotta retire one day hahaha i'm just saying.

BPayne: yo you are now encrusted with the B.Payne seal of approval. #TeamPayne fucks with you for good now bredrin.

ya'll my witnesses! i shall retire by next year. b payne the pressure is on! haha regardless, you still have a home on the blog fam!

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...
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Lea' Thompson said...


Melvin George said...

#Team PAyne!!!!!!!! SchoolBoy Mel Checkin In....B*tch We Bout To Blow Up (No J Cole)

Cookie said...

Lea really is a super fan. Posting this link on everyone's page. I guess I'll check out some of this music and see what she's talking about!!!!

Anonymous said...

handle that...its good stuff ..this B.Payne guy is pretty good

Artie Ray said...

Pretty good mixtape

B.Payne said...

#LightSwitch -

#ThA.BingE -

Anonymous said...

loving the music, this kid has a great future.

Stacy Brown said...

about time i get to show some mixtape ive heard in a minute....#TeamPayne all day! get w/ it!

Anasa Payne said...

im sooo glad to be apart of a supportive team :) just got added to the group today ! ahh im excited for you brandon ! #teampayneorstaybroke

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