Friday, April 30, 2010

quieted thunder

i can't believe my okc thunder lost in that fashion but if there a team in the league you would lose to, i rather it be the reigning champ. if u missed it, shame on you becoz them boys played their heart out for us putting this entire state on the map and there is no way anybody should have their head down. i can't wait to see the off-season aquistions. okc thunder...2010-11 season nba champs!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hi dom

i'm writing to you because i'm in a mess. i'm wasting away emotionally and i don't know what to do. you see...i fell in love with a business partner. i know, i know. it's totally against the rules but thats not the half of it. he's amazing. we complement each other really well. what he can't do, i can and visa versa.the chemistry is crazy. never felt like this before. i think about him everyday and it sux that we can't just have a normal relationship because...i'm married. and the guy i'm married to is a really sweet guy it's just we have absolutely nothing in common outside of the kids. we tried and we've had our issues that now exist as trust issues. so, i told my business partner that i'm ready to call it quits with my husband. so we started making plans to meet up places and even move in together. but now its like he's rejecting me. we went from talking everyday to whenever he feels like it. he doesn't tell me he misses me anymore. doesn't say he loves me. we don't talk about the future like we used to. everything he says is law just because he's nine years older than me. i go out of my way for him a lot and he doesn't even notice. i felt a change in our relationship when he said something and i expressed my opinion and he called me an egocentric ass for stating my opinion and hung up on me. now when we tak it's strictly business. and the timing sucks because i'm in a little rut right now and the one person that made me forget about all my problems doesn't even want to be bothered with me anymore. i just want to go back to being us. if i can't have that, i don't want anything at all. i know he's going through some things too but, i just wanna be there for him even if he's not there for me. if he reads this, i just want him to know i love him no matter what.
> "ms. lovesick"

Monday, April 26, 2010

where's dom?

hey peeps,
staying busy. got my hand in quite a few projects lately tryna do it b.i.gimmick-free. shout to those of you already giving me feedback on the latest addition to the michael williams story, dear jane letter. i know, it's crazy. i love it though. thanx for showing love. new announcement*** i know i said djl would be my last book for a while but, there will be another book that ties into that series for those of you that loved the characters. only a few people out there know the working title but it will be someone other than michael as the main character. at this point it's only going to be one book, longer than the rest and more detailed. *** working on a community site so stay tuned. i would love to get to know each of you there. getting a lot of hits on just listen. just hit me up at i do check that personally.

if nobody feels you, i feels ya, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Friday, April 23, 2010

hey dom,

The 'friend' thing is spreading. My friends on [a writer's site] are even doing it now, which is part of the reason I really want to leave this site. I don't need more of this right now. This has been my escape for two years but it's just like my real life now. I am sick of trying to be helpful and give feedback and be there for people, only to receive false promises. They only talk to me when they want something, when something of their's has been posted and they want me to comment. But when I try to see if they will read something of mine, suddenly I'm being selfish. I. Am. Sick. Of. It!

so dom,

I am the discard friend. I have known this since fifth grade so it's not a surprise or anything, but I'm really getting sick of it. My friends only want to hang out with me when they have no one else, which is what inspired the poem "Bad Friends". Take this one friend, for example. Last year, she made friends with some other girl. End of the year, said girl quit talking to her. So my friend starts talking to me out of the blue because the whole time she was talking to the other girl, she ignored me. So beginning of this year, we are friends. Other girl, let's call her OG, comes in again and they make up. My friend, we shall call her MF, decides she doesn't need me anymore and so quits talking to me. When we have plans, she cancels, saying she can't go. Then I hear she has been hanging out with OG instead. She can't call me or txt me because she's doing it with OG. So then they start fighting again, two weeks ago, and suddenly she's all buddy-buddy again. WTF? I'm a person too, should I be treated like this? They don't need me. I guess I don't need them. But it would be nice if there was actually someone out there willing to be a true friend and not just use me when they felt like it. Whenever I say something, they call me jealous. I say "it's not that you're with other people, it's how you treat me when you're with them" and they huff and it just makes things worse. What do I do?

hi dom

my best friend for two years decided suddenly at the beginning of the school year that she did not want to be my friend anymore. She didn't give a reason, just ended it abruptly. Then she called sporadically and confused me because she kept saying she was sorry and then she'd ignore me for another few months before she would call again. Then she calls at the beginning of this month and decides, "hey, I'm going to sit by you in Japanese class" and so I say "Well...okay" because I can't stop her anyway, and I don't want to fight. It's too draining. So I agree. Now she just talks to me when she wants something and I'm confused, mostly because...well...I don't think I want to be her friend. I've gotten used to being without her and so now I don't know how to act around her, so it would just be easier if we weren't friends. But another friend of mine wants us to become friends again, so I'm torn. What do I do?

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

strange tip - true story

owasso, ok-

an associate at a well known home improvement store noticed a customer that needed assistance loading his purchaces into his vehicle. the elderly man was very grateful for the help he recieved from the store employee. after everything was loaded into the vehicle, the elderly man turns to the employee and says, "i know you guys aren't supposed to accept tips but-" he then reaches into his vehicle, "i want you to have this." the 'this' is the toy sheep shown in the picture.
i wish i could make something up as good as this. i mean...what do you say if you're a 21-yr-old male that just received a toy sheep as a tip for breaking your back for someone else? where did he get that thing in the first place? is this a key piece of evidence in a child abduction case with a real life 'herbert the pervert' as the primary suspect? hmm...

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

happiness = writer's block?

for some, this enigma has evolved into an epidemic. these writers perform best with stressors: sadness, bad relationships, and problematic drama. by the sound of it, many would assume that these writers would be categorized as "emos" (a term used to describe overly emotional writers who dwell on unhappiness and sad times). but, this is by no means the case. meet kandi, a 23-year-old single mom from texas. she's an undiscovered poet who writes under the name "kandis". genre: fantasy. favorite imagined characters: fairies. content: happily ever after. what seems to be the problem?
explains kandi, "i can't seem to write when things are going well for me at all as if i purposely long for my troubles to consume me just so i can keep my love for writing going."
some would argue that these type of writers are a different kind of "emo" yet the term still applies in that these writers are self-destructive and focus (or dwell) on the negativity in their lives in order to fulfil a want of belonging to a certain entity. kandi feels otherwise:
"i wouldn't give up a sunny day where i can play with my daughter just to be depressed for the sake of a few poems. if every day was like that, i would find another way to fuel my past time. you can't appreciate the sunny days without experiencing rainy days. simply reflecting does not make anyone an emo."
well, as they say, to each his own. and for these writers, sunny days don't cut it.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Friday, April 16, 2010

hey dom,

i'm in trouble. i'm pregnant and i don't know how my mother is going to react. i don't want to tell her, but on the other hand we have a great relationship and i don't want to ruin that by keeping a secret that may come out later if something goes wrong. i'm 19 so i'm old enough to make a decision to keep it or not. i've decided not to keep it. the guy i'm pregnant by is not my boyfriend and i'm not the only one he's sleeping with. i'm okay with that because i'm single and he's not my man so i get what i want and move on. but i've never been through this before. i'm only a few weeks pregnant so it's not like i'm attached to this thing growing inside me. i just want someone to be there when i go through with this. i guess i answered my own question. i need to talk with my mother. thanks for listening.

>teri e.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

calling all poets!!!

get your scribble on with Acoustic Ink!

"Acoustic Ink is a site devoted to the works of many talented poets and writers across the world.

Uniting artists to become an unbreakable link of creativity. The ink stain that will remain engraved in your hearts and minds long after you read our words.

Our words will reach out to you and take a hold of you. We want to move you to the core. Take you to places you have never imagined existed, not even in a dream.

Acoustic Ink is the melodic echo you long to hear.

As artists we aim to connect our words throughout the world, bringing us together to expand our horizons, step outside our boundaries and bring the written word to life once more.

Acoustic Ink will feature four talented writers each month, along with various articles, competitions and other goodies for all the writers and readers out there to enjoy."

Acoustic Ink...writers unplugged.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
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Monday, April 12, 2010

become a neighbor...

there's a new community site soon to take the cyber world by storm! surf the internet your way. some of the key features on this site that sets it apart starts with creating your own community within the wayboard community. musicians can start a band by getting connected with fellow aspiring stars in their area. put together a band based off the 3-tier rating system that rates each person's sound and ability. review the list of open mic venues in your area and be heard! are you a business owner? take advantage of our free business listing and advertise your special events! WayBoard...building stronger communites one neighbor at a time.


if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Friday, April 9, 2010

hey dom,

i went to college out of state so my girlfriend and i decided on a long distance relationship. i trust her, but its like she picks me up and drops me when she wants. we talk on the phone everyday...well we used to. lately she's been doing her thing, going out with friends. that i don't mind. but what's so hard about sending a text just to say hey when she knows we wont get to talk? thanks bro.
>g. nixon

Monday, April 5, 2010

music concepts

(R&B - written for Major Lee)
Verse 1:
I step from the back of the car
Ladies looking at me like oh my god
Mouth open two blinks
So many fe's I can't believe my eyes
Baby wanna touch
Well she can be my iPod
Come a little closer
And I'll trace circles on ya
Every time I saw you
It was like a perfect view
Felt like I was taken over
By the force inside of you
I think I should be leaving
I really gotta go
But all I wanna do is stay

If it's you and me
I'll have to say it twice
Just like it was meant to be
You might think it's a game
But this is surreal to me
The night wouldn't be the same without you- (x2)

Last call at the bar
Now it's time to head to the car
Where you parked?
Not that far
Are you headed home girl?
Not at all
Where you from?
I live here
Where your girls at?
They right here
Waffle house
I'll be there
I can kick it with you over there

(R&B - written for Major Lee)
Verse 1:
I see you every now and again
Running round with some of your friends
It's funny they're the ones you trust
When they're the one's that ruined our love

I keep your warm embrace on me
I feind for your touch when you're not near
If it was just us, I'd let you know
Memories of us that mean so much
Just cant let youGo-

After all this time, I thought by now my heart would mend
I wake up another day just to see you again
All I want is another chance for more than friends
Even if one night girl
Pray I lose my vision, I hope I never see
The day that comes when you never
Make it back to me
I might seem composed, but girl I miss you so much
I just wanna touch...

Erased (R&B)
All I can remember is the time
That I sat alone at night and cried
Jogging in the rain or at the park
Trying to forget you broke my heart
But I still remember
The pain you put me through
I'm no longer in love with you
But since you wasted my time
I erased you from my mind...

(untitled R&B)
I really don't know how to put it
Coz it doesn't come out like fluid
But I guess I better tell you while I can
That I met someone
And it's hard to explain
When you have something sure
But you still hold out for more...

Head Over Heels (R&B)
you were the, one that I
loved like no, other
you were the, one I would
take home to, mother
and now you changed
but i still, love you the same
and i said that i, won't be so
head over heels, some day...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

hi dom unique

I write because I need some help with this life. I am lost because my daughter doesn't speak to me or bring me my grandchildren. I am a person of middle age and I know I have done everything in my hands to let her know how much I love her. I don't know if someone is turning her mind upside down but I am desperate and I need some words from you and all my friends. Please help me with this. Some words can be of much help now.

I know you can tell me something!


It saddens me to hear that your daughter would do things to hurt her own mother. Grandchildren are the best gift in the world so I know how much yours mean to you. Try this: the worst thing we could suggest is that she is doing something wrong even though it may be true. But, in order to make peace, we sometimes have to take on the bad guy role in order to become the peacemaker. So call her. If she does not answer, leave a message with the following phrases in your own words: "I was calling to see how things were going. I feel that we may have ended up on bad terms somehow and whatever I did, I do apologize for that. Feel free to call me whenever you get a chance." Notice I never used the word "you". People get defensive when we say "I feel this because you..." Give her at least two days to respond before you lovingly call to check up on your grandchildren. Wish her good health. And never throw the blame by saying "you did this or that" etc. Go to bed knowing that you reached out. Children never forget a positive up-bringing. She will break and call you back to make amends. When she does, remember to listen and let the past be just that...the past.

Best regards,

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

rep yo hood!

represent your hood by buying one of these exclusive, government issued street signs brought to you by same folks that sell stolen hubs, pH (parkinglot hoodlums)! that's right people, pH has done it again! now available by request on the black market, you too can own your very own stolen street sign! let everybody know who runs your neighborhood by ordering yours first! how so? it's easy! just locate your neighborhood snitch and he'll get you in touch with pH for a small fee of $100. then, you will contact pH via pager ($100 per page) and one of them will call you collect from a payphone to go over your order in vivid detail! you put in your order, and your street sign will be stolen and shipped overnight all for just $100 + the cost of bail (non-refundable only if someone gets caught boosting your street sign)! it's that easy! just remember, if you get caught with the merchandise, it's on you! be sure to use the g-code when asked to snitch on others.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...