Sunday, November 28, 2010

college fantasy football

so i won. yeah, i'm loving it. the champ. the championship game ended with a score of 152-95. my leading scorer in the game was montee ball but my consistent point fiend was ohio state defense. gotta love it even though i'm a big 12 fan. shout out to oklahoma. ya'll gotta put it down vs nebraska in champ week. i'm just saying.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

alienation of affection law

what happened to fantasia? some of you may know that fantasia was sleeping with a married man. comment. but anyway, now the wife is reportedly considering suing fantasia "by the Alienation of Affection law, which is only recognized in North Carolina and six other states. The law allows for an abandoned spouse to sue the party responsible for the failed marriage."
well...that means i should sue tony parker for taking eva longoria from me then breaking her heart. i'm jus saying

more on fantasia

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allegedly stupid

charlie sheen is allegedly being sued by capri anderson for alleged assault and false imprisonment. i don't condone it at all by why would you allegedly mistreat someone that looks like that? i'm just saying...

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criminals compete?

"St. Louis overtook Camden, N.J., as the nation's most dangerous city in 2009, according to a national study released Sunday.
The study by CQ Press found St. Louis had 2,070.1 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, compared with a national average of 429.4. That helped St. Louis beat out Camden, which topped last year's list and was the most dangerous city for 2003 and 2004." -Associated Press

i just thought the highlighted line indicates an organized effort by criminals in every city to make their city the most dangerous city in america. like it was a known competition or something. i'm jus sayin...

article here

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Monday, November 22, 2010


okay! okay! i'll drink more water! my kidneys are screaming and killing me!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

ya boy money militia

-dallas, tx

this time we have a treat from the streets. the prodigy of king of kings records: ya boy money militia. we all are familiar with the phrase "from rags to riches" but, we'll see just how one man accomplished just so with hard work and determination. let's get into it. how about we let the people know what's good? you ready?

"i was lost in the streets, it didn't amount to nothing, i'm just a traveling man, running from my past troubles...if you ask me if i'm ready, i'ma tell you let's go." - ya boy money (lyrics from "i'm ready" freestyle)

in and out of juvenile detention centers. living on the streets at age fifteen. surrounded by pimps, prostitutes, and drugs. altogether, it spells the recipe of inevitable disaster; namely prison or death. money, however, weathered the storm (so to speak) and went on to become a legit entrepreneur. at 19 he opened a nightclub. later he franchised 3 t-mobile stores and ultimately became a diamond broker. through all of these business dealings, he brushed shoulders with the likes of many and his associates eventually convinced him to tell his story via song. enough from me, let's get it from money himself.

"got a couple things that i wanna let you know, if i let you in promise you won't tell a soul..." - money militia (lyrics from "u girl")
i can't promise that. lol i got a lot of readers. shall we continue?

Dom: first of all i wanna thank you for taking time out to answer these questions. i think we all are about to receive a life lesson in the true meaning of the word hustle. i read over your brief bio and it seems you learned early to make something from nothing. what was your motivation behind your drive if you didn't have the support of others?
ybmm: i always had a belief it was easy. i didn't see others on it but i always wanted it no matter what it took. [haha] now eventually, i found out it wasn't too easy but everything i went through just moulded me, my real motivation that made me continue was to help those around me who were in worse situations.

Dom: that's what's up. there are many brothers out there that, given the same circumstances, would still be in the streets today if not dead or in jail. how did you make the transition from the streets to entrepreneurship?
ybmm: i watched all my pa'tnas die or get locked up. i knew eventually things i was doing wouldn't last after being in jail 28 times. i was then treading a thin line. the wrong move would [hinder] me and i no longer wanted that life.

Dom: a lot of people, including myself, say they use life as their fuel for their craft. is the same true for you? explain.
ybmm: aww yeah. my life and lives i've witnessed. everything i've lived through has been an educational lesson, which i can now give to others to use as they would like.

Dom: what made you want to become a lyricist and how long have you considered yourself as such?
ybmm: i don't think i've ever had a boring moment [haha]. friends and business partners always told me if i put my life on the beat, i'd be successful. guess they were right. i recorded my first song around four years ago.

Dom: nice. now how does "ya boy money militia" compare to bernard nuar? (for example an alter ego, personality, or an expressionist for bernard nuar)
ybmm: uh, i'm ME. i guess my alter ego is me going from being happy to me being mad then you'll see a switch.

Dom: i bet [haha] getting to the album "hustle and flow", from the listed tracks available, you have some hott collabos including diamond and lil keke. how did that come about?
ybmm: being at the right place at right time, i guess, and them feeling what i got. also diamond and me share the same manager so it's easy to get a hold of dorrough, diamond, or the gs boyz. we fam.

Dom: that's what's up. hard question: what is your favorite track on this album?
ybmm: what you wanna do.

Dom: wasn't so hard after all [haha]. how did you come up with the concept for "u girl"?
ybmm: i saw this bad chick at the mall and i straight up told her what i wanted to do and she fell for it.

Dom: gotta love the ladies. and the game. any past body of works like mixtapes, albums that we should know about since 2006?
ybmm: "Hustle and Flow vol.1 DJ DROP" and "Hustle and flow vol.2 Princess Kut (TX $hit)"

Dom: any shows in the near future?
ybmm: dec 2nd at texas a&m. (for tickets to that show, go to

Dom: any shoutouts/message for the people reading this blog post?
ybmm: Stay tuned, you 'bout to hear one the best tapes ever:
2011 DJ Cannon "Money Never Sleeps".
money militia on reverbnation

yessir! you heard it right here first peeps. the prince of dallas has spoken and i wish him immediate success. he has the content to be top rated in the game and the drive to have longevity. money militia, take a bow. you have earned the Dom seal of approval.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

the brand

official d.d.u.h. ent polos. diggs?

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Friday, November 19, 2010


-Greenfield, MA

the moon sets and the sun rises on the band that gives you a "reason for expectation"; promize. these alternative rockers pride themselves on their dark music as their lead singer translates what they are trying to convey with their instruments. with decades of collective musical experience, promize offers a complete sound that has been shared with the world for a while; you just might not have known it. albums, rolling stone magazine, and even movie soundtracks have all had the privilege of bearing the promize name and sound. and now, it's time to give you a quick run down of this six (sometimes seven) member band:

shelby taranto: lead vocals
dave manning: drums (leader)
rob sweeney: keys and effects
pete mcewan: bass and backing vocals
jon zera: guitars
kelly baraban: guitars and backing vocals
rich p: special guest guitarist (touring guitarist)

collective influences:
Zed Zeppelin
Perfect circle
Chris Cornell
Jeff Buckley
Dave Matthews
Smashing Pumpkins
Stone Temple Pilots
John Paul Jones
Stanley Clark
Geddy Lee
Lee Sklar
Alice in Chains

the band's latest album features "unholy"; a sure hit and a band favorite according to shelby. furthermore, on their climb to ultimate success, the band turned down a record deal with sony! however crazy as it might seem, promize is currently in talks with a major label. that's where jon boy zera comes in as he answers questions on behalf of the band.

Dom: what hurdles have hindered you from being where you want to be already?
Jon Boy: there are many hurdles any band must endure to survive on a daily basis. getting along with one another can be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. in order to survive, everyone in the band has to be able to get along and work with each other. you need to have the same goals, be on the same page and you must have mutual respect for each other. with promize we all get along very well, we have respect for one another and we’re all striving towards the same goal. it’s important to assign one band member as the leader and have trust and faith in that leader to make the right moves. when you have a band and each member wants to play boss and be in charge you’re doomed.

Dom: i agree. that's very important. what are your proudest accomplishments as a group?
Jon Boy: standing outside of a venue waiting to go on stage we heard our song, "unholy" come on national radio. being featured in rolling stone magazine would be a close second.

Dom: very nice! you've done so much already. signing a major record deal: is that a peak, plateau, or new beginning?
Jon Boy: it’s the next chapter for us and what we’ve been working all our lives for.

Dom: a new chapter indeed. you've performed quite a bit. what do you think is the craziest thing to happen during/after one of your performances (including crazy fans)?
Jon Boy: where do i begin…we’ve seen fans have promize tattoos all over their body including one guy with the p, r, o, et cetera tattooed on each knuckle. we played an outdoor festival once and the stage was struck by lightning! we’ve had people streak across the stage naked, few fans fainted while signing autographs for them. one guy purposed to shelby after a show. it’s all good fun though. we love our fans.

Dom: and they love you [haha]. what advice do you have for artists that are looking to get signed?
Jon Boy: getting signed is like winning the lottery. there are plenty of amazing bands out there who have worked hard for years and will always be overlooked by labels and there are others who just got lucky. with the internet being so huge these days, in order to increase your chances and exposure it’s important to promote the hell out of yourself by using the internet. we still spend 14+ hours a day, 7 days a week self promoting anywhere and everywhere we can online. you got to work hard at it and promote, promote, promote. if getting signed were easy everybody would do it.

Dom: in other words network, network and when you're done with that network some more. jon boy, thank you for taking time to answer these questions on behalf of promize! i wish you all the best on this potential new record deal!
Jon Boy: thanks, dom.

shelby, dave, rob, pete, jon, kelly and have earned the Dom seal of approval!
be sure to check out promize on reverbnation.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

nice guy vs the jerk

chivalry. courteous and generous behavior towards women. something that every woman looks for right?
so they say.

"chivalry is dead and women killed it!" - dave chappelle (killin' them softly)

even though that phrase has a comedic tone, he makes a truthful point. there is no hope for the nice guy anymore. a friend of mine is going through a rough one right now. married the love of his life. super nice guy. he's a guy around guys, and mush around his woman. he goes out the way for his woman on a daily basis and now she wants to call things off for what? boredom? nope they travel. he's cheating? nope. too soft for that. he mistreats her? nope. i said he's a nice guy! then why? she never gives the same reason twice. how about counseling? he tried. she refused. hmm...we'll come back to this story. my theory? follow me:

women love jerks...there i said it. how come it's the guys that treat women like crap the ones they never want to let go. doesn't make sense but i have somewhat of an understanding. i think on some level, we all lose an appreciation for what we have, thus the saying "you don't know what you have til it's gone". when a guy becomes a jerk, it's as if he is "taking away" the things that the woman appreciates most which makes the woman in the relationship "submit" or "cling" to the guy in fear of "losing everything". in short, women rather have a jerky boyfriend than no boyfriend.

why are women more attracted to a jerk than a sweet, nice guy?

the answer is complicated because they are and yet they aren't. there is a "nice" attribute that attracts women, but even though a jerk reveals himself as a jerk later on, women make the mistake of excusing the jerk's actions by saying "he's not always like that". then, the nice guy (who seems to do all the right things), although sincere, has absolutely no chance becoz it is now assumed that he has a hidden agenda. it's a vicious cycle.

back to the scenario with my friend:
he was pulling insight from everywhere. but when he came to me, i told him to be a straight asshole. straight up. result? he finally pushed back, stiffened his neck, and rose above her nonsense and NOW she wants to work towards making things work.
women, defend yourselves...what's up with that?!?

this is an ongoing topic that needs to be discussed. please, chime in. leave lots of comments. we are looking for everyone's point of view. even if you're a jerk. i'm just saying...

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Monday, November 15, 2010

bruce lame

i always wanted to post this vid so i'm doing it now haha infamous lame!

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only one dollar

do i need to say anything?

ebaums world

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mike vick

if you play nfl fantasy football and you do NOT have mike vick, you are killing your chances! lmao loving it!

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do it obese...i mean big! oh man, check out my bruh's j.a.y. and 2u raw as they team up with ize_open on one of they're latest joints "do it big"

do it big - j.a.y. ft ize_open and 2u raw

i hear ya 2u raw! that's the lil bruh i raised right there! hahaha keep it up!
haters u know what to do: pull a heathledgannanicole...kill ya'self!

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singa bromfield

at&t commercials started it but drake made it cool by putting it on a mixtape. i'm talking about putting three cities together like houstatlantavegas. musically it's common to hear a hip-hop and r&b artist, but a jazzacoustichiprock artist? what's up with that? we'll check in with a cat that goes by the name of singa bromfield for the answers. before we do that, let me tell you a little about him before he has the chance to say "google me".

don't let the pic fool you. he's just trying to get his hip-hop on. this soft spoken musician that hails from memphis (born in d.c.) has been on a mission to bring forth what he calls 'beautiful music'. in a video interview "how it all began....", bromfield explains how he first fell in love with the guitar.

"i started off playing violin, and...that really wasn't really [working well] for me. i was watching austin city limits and saw little dudes on stage playing guitar and i said 'that's going to be me'. so i got a kleenex box and some rubber bands and a [papertowel roll] and i just made me a guitar...and i just got serious with it for real..." - singa bromfield

outside of God, bromfield credits music as his life's motivator to keep going. and now, we are in the wake of hearing singa's first hip-hop mixtape entitled "no feelings".'s time for me to take this interview to the next level...

Dom: so, singa, first off the name. we know you're a singer. sometimes in the shower, i'm a singer. what made you choose the name singa?
Singa B: well my real name is nrsimha (ner-sing-ah) and everyone calls me singa for short, so i just ran with it.

Dom: easy enough. i checked out your ning page and i listened to your covers of chris breezy and nick jonas. i was jamming with you a little bit [haha]. any reason why you chose those two artists?
Singa B: it's funny because while i was attending college (art institute of nashville) people would ask me to sing a "regular" song and i only knew my originals, so i figured i'd learn a song with a cool meaning or message (who i am) and one that the ladies could vibe to (take you down).

Dom: gotta do one for the ladies. in your "how it all began..." video interview, you mentioned that music and God is the only thing that keeps you going. why is music so important to you?
Singa B: music and life goes hand and hand. of course it's a stress reliever, but also it is a talent that was purposely given to me. so i feel that i have to insinuate my philosophy on life's persona to inform people to live life "jetted".

Dom: i like that. what would you say your comfortable vocal range is?
Singa B: well naturally i'm a tenor/baritone, but i can comfortably slide into the alto area [haha].

Dom: i hear ya. i can hit mariah carey notes in the car when i'm by myself [haha]. a lot of crossover artist out there. vocally, who would you compare yourself with? we all do it so don't say you don't [haha]. i was usher when the "confessions" album came out.
Singa B: [haha]... ummm i guess i say like a john mayer crossed with like baby face and or brian mcknight type thing.

Dom: now you were on tour this past summer. how did that turn out and whom did you tour with?
Singa B: well the plan was to do a domestic tour around the states, but instead i did a few shows here then flew out to the islands and did a show with the youth choir of trelawny, jamaica. so collectively the "tour" was cancelled.

Dom: it'll come in time. being a singer, do the ladies show you mad love, wanting you to sing them something?
Singa B: [haha] well it's always good putting a smile on the ladies faces and getting the "just one more" requests. so it's cool knowing that ladies enjoy my sound.

Dom: "late night jam session" has a bounce that of "feel good" music. what that your intention? explain how you came up with that concept?
Singa B: well i wrote that song in the theme of how songs would come to me and how i am and jamming out with other musicians while people just groove to my tunes. i'm not familiar to the "feel good" music reference, but it was intended to make you dance, snap, or how every you jam. so feeling good sounds like it will fit.

Dom: exactly. now the mixtape. what can we expect?
Singa B: well currently i'm working on a new album entitled "on the road" which is scheduled to release in the spring of 2011. so i felt that i shouldn't limit myself from expressing my thoughts, whether it's spoken word, singing, et cetera. so using rap, singing and my guitar, i wanted to let my fans and listeners understand my stories of journeys through life.

Dom: what's next for singa bromfield and what do we need to know about you?
Singa B: after the release of NO FEELINS, i'll continue to do more collaborative projects and shows throughout the country. dates of shows will be posted by new years, so hopefully people will like what i bring to the table and that will take off.

Dom: leave us with a few words for the people out there.
Singa B: never doubt yourself! if you feel like you want to be someone of something that defines your spirit, expressing yourself or 'making your mark', GO FOR IT!

singa on ning
singa on reverbnation
follow singa on twitter

that's right. go for it! and i'm sure we haven't heard the last of singa so ya'll stay tuned for more from this jazzacoustichiprock artist. by the way singa, don't let nobody take my phrase. i'm the first to call you that! i'm just saying..."NO FEELINS" mixtape dropping today at 10 a.m. eastern time! cop that today in support of singa! singa bromfield, you know the drill. take a bow, you have earned the Dom seal of approval.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010


somebody cop me one of those! i think i can pull it off. i'm just sayn...

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

winded but...

working hard actually pays off peeps! i'm saying that like i didn't believe it but i did i'm just saying...haha i'm out!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

utah jazz

i'm just sayn.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

slim goody

hey peeps. this segment of six degrees takes us to broken arrow where a 26-year-old rapper by the name of slim goody lets us know why we should be telling people about him. you know how i do. let's drop in on slim goody.

"got my own swagger, i will never jock, my stomach hurts, so i guess i gotta take another drop.." slim goody (an excerpt from "slimtro")

Dom: who is slim goody and what is the meaning behind your name?
slim: slim goody is a inspired artist/composer (anybody with a software and keyboard call themselves producers nowadays). i'm a musician first. i got the name "slim" while in atlanta, it was a name everybody seem to call me at every job i worked. i liked it, and because i hate my government name so much, i ran with it. now no one knows my real name, they only know "slim". job supervisors, associates, managers and all. "goody" came from a artist by the name of "mike slim" from baton rouge, louisiana. we were in group called "1st born" in 2004. he always said i had "the goods". he wanted his name to be goody but thought it fit me well for some reason. every time he'd see me, which was everyday....he would shout "get 'em goody". that's where slim goody comes from. the beginning of my atlanta life also started me off with a new name.

Dom: nice. where are you from originally?
slim: i was born and raised on the westside of chicago.

Dom: okay, okay. it looks like you've been doing some traveling around the u.s. and now you're in oklahoma. have you checked out any of the local talent? there are some good ones out there. if so, who would you work with?
slim: yeah. my girlfriend libido ink is from oklahoma. we met at my georgia studio in riverdale back in 04. she's my only affiliation for being here. there are a lot of good talent here, i agree. ( brandon stevens (alex b) was by far one of the coldest r&b artist from oklahoma until his unfortunate murder. people like super j, j friday, stacks and paccman (two productively skilled people)...lil hennessy, yung villian and 3 minds pretty nice. tre k got it for the club dance music, but my girl "libido ink" smashing all of 'em. not just saying it because of her title, but that beyonce/gaga/rhianna swag, she handling rappers out here! i like the freestylers out here more than the artist that's "somebody". i'd like to work with "l peezy", (ill with the bars). hawaii jones, swagg 101, a young group that sound like they been around at least 5 yrs. i'll put money on those boys. and the few i named earlier just for the buzz.

Dom: you just named half of oklahoma just now [haha]. what do people need to know about slim goody?
slim: slim goody is "somebody i think you should know". with my partner "libido ink", we r a walking hit-factory! songwriting/production + perfect vocals = instant placement $$$$$

Dom: i hear ya. so who in the game inspires you?
slim: the people that inspire are t.i., twista, kanye west, shawnna, the Whole def jam squad, and grand hustle.

Dom: that's a good list. now, sceanario: you have just signed to a major label and it's time to piece your album together. name your top five features you have to have on your album.
slim: t.i., rick ross, twista, snoop, and messy marv.

Dom: you got cats from all over on your fav five. now what bodies of work do you have out there for people to listen to? any original (meaning non-mixtapes)?
slim: i have four compilations out in atlanta that i'm the main feature on. "the takeova, dem 44 boys, da new beginning and goodfellas" all under jas44 records CEO derrick lewis. i have a mixtape and and two albums done here in oklahoma. self titled "silent assassins", interstate music whom universal wants to distribute, and solo album "mavarick" which was just looked at by warner bros today. I've produced three full albums here in oklahoma. "interstate music" (silent assassins), "maverick" (slim goody) "libido" (libido ink) and formed two groups: silent assassins and swagg 101. every album/compilation i've been featured on are produced or co-produced by myself.

Dom: that's what's up! what would be your signature track/single?
slim: my signature track would be "thrown by the wind". which can found on my myspace page:

Dom: what have you accomplished in your career thus far?
slim: accomplishments i've achieved in the game so far is wisdom for one. knowing my place and accepting my role at the time. connections to the people that can get me where i want to be. overall understanding on how to do you but still do "them".

Dom: any near future/distant goals?
slim: of should aways have a goal. my one and only is to have a million dollars in a account for my daughter before she turns 10. everything and everybody else will be okay if i can get that done.

Dom: i feel you on that. what's next for slim goody?
slim: i was planning on heading back to atlanta next summer, but this meeting today with warner bros might be steering me to l.a. libido's down for whatever, and moms is in san it looks like God is working it all into motion. that's all i can trust. i know my plans, but i never know his.

Dom: amen. last question. what message/shoutouts for the people reading this blog?
slim: i want to shout out EVERYBODY that checked out the blog on "slim goody". i'm just as hungry as you, the difference is...i don't mind sharing, i know where to get more!

slim goody on reverbnation

and there you have it peeps. hunger and grind. two attributes i respect in everyone. slim goody, take a bow. you have earned the Dom seal of approval. even though you have 799 shoutouts haha just kiddin.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

bush forgives kanye?

yahoo news article and vid

bush not a racist?
i'll let ya'll talk this one out. i'm still fixed on one idea based on other facts that go outside of katrina. i'm just saying...

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

dear dom

omg i feel terrible! i got a gig in california this past weekend and while in town i decided to hit a party that my friend was throwing. long story short, i get sick, need somewhere to crash and my ex girlfriend just happens to be at the party. i'm thinking, "cool okay. just crashing til i leave town in the morning." so we head back to her place, i crash (in her bed) and go to sleep. she wakes me up about 10 that night wanting me to have sex with her. did i mention she knows i'm with someone else? bad move for even being there but i was ill! anyway, i decline and go back to sleep, wake up in the morning, grab my things and head to the airport to go home. i check my phone this morning and i see pix of this naked chick i have no idea who she is! i look further and there's outgoing pix of a supposed lesbian named "alexis" from my phone! so i call my ex and she just laughs saying "i had to get some fun from somebody." wtf? so now there's a poor lesbian out there that she conned into sending naked pix in exchange for fake pix that thinks i'm some lesbian named alexis and on top of that she has my phone number! this is not a good day...
>mike b.

hopefully she will understand. that's really all i can say. oh yeah, stay away from your ex! she's bad news...i'm just saying.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...
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Saturday, November 6, 2010


not to be corny but this movie is a mega hit! i'm so sincere lol. okay the poster is a little rude, low blow to the current pres, but any time you can get tina fey to say, "we need to get back to the lab, grab a couple of laser guns, hold 'em sideways, and go gangsta on him!" you just might earn two thumbs up lol
i'm just sayin...

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
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Friday, November 5, 2010

mary rose - back again!

truth is truth. mary rose is the queen of netting the most views of any blog post on the site.

"you take away my breath with every word you baby, tell me what this means..." - mary rose (from her single "what this means")

Dom: how does it feel to see yourself on the top of the charts?
mary: [haha] well, it does feel nice to know i'm topping the charts. i'm hoping to do that on an even larger scale someday!

Dom: i was just checking out your reverbnation page. what's new on there?
mary: reverbnation! i JUST joined reverbnation, after i had a few other artists recommend it. i like that you can connect facebook and twitter to it, plus the music streams and loads very fast on there. there is a new acoustic demo up, a new video, and some instrumental tracks that are remixes of my other songs up on there right now. since i just started using reverbnation, i'm still working on putting stuff up there, so hopefully in the future it'll have more songs and videos.

Dom: well welcome to reverb! i like the studio version of "what this means". what/who is the inspiration behind the song?
mary: well, "what this means" was produced and recorded with t-pain over the summer. actually, that's also posted on the reverbnation page. it was written about two years ago, about a relationship that i was in that i felt like i was responsible for ruining. as it turns out, it wasn't really anyone's fault- just wasn't meant to be. at the time, i was just trying to vent out all the emotions i was feeling and figure out what i wanted.

Dom: i hear ya. you can tell it's really heartfelt. you expressed what you were feeling really well. i see you have a couple of instrumentals on there as well. how much of that did you compose yourself?
mary: the instrumentals on the page are all composed by myself. i took over ten years of piano lessons before i taught myself to play guitar, so i'm able to read and write music. i have a program that allows me to tab out and score in any music i write, and then synthesize whatever instruments i want to play the music. i've been messing around with a lot of remixes using the chords and melodies i've written for other songs, and i think they have turned out pretty sick. i like to mess around with all the different genres, so being able to compose for basically any instrument is extremely helpful.

Dom: pretty sick indeed! somebody has mad skills! now, nappy boy update: what have you done since the last interview that you can share?
mary: well, i got back the song pain and i recorded (what this means) from the studio. i haven't had time to get back in the studio because of soccer season, but we ended our season yesterday so that's about to change. i actually was invited to t-pain's birthday party this year, and couldn't go because of school and soccer. that was probably the most depressing decision i've ever had to make [hahahaha]. i wanted to go SO BAD. but i've been showing pain my stuff, and [young cash] as well, and i'm looking forward to working and recording with them in the future. i'm graduating this spring, so the current plan is that then i'll get to focus completely on music.

Dom: that's what's up! so still unsigned? any talks in the works?
mary: still unsigned! i'm pretty content with where i am right now- i want to get my degree before i sign with anyone. but i'm confident that come spring '11 things will be different, and hopefully we will see signing in the near future.

Dom: good deal. i noticed your tweet about soccer. how did it end?
mary: ohhhhh, soccer. [Haha] let's just say it was a much less than desirable end to a VERY long and involved season. we lost in the semifinals for the d-1 ASUN conference. but as always, the bad comes with good: no more soccer means more time for music! so it wasn't too horrible, i suppose. i'm moving on to bigger and better things.

mary on

my, my mary rose. after this one you're gonna have a lot of guys singing 'mary, mary, mary...holla at a g' to the tune of young cash's "baby baby baby"! (the world is mine mixtape) the way, shout out to young cash as he endures this tough sitcho he's facing. keep your head up bruh!

mary rose, you know what it is. you still got the Dom seal of approval! peeps you need to tell a friend now! right now. and show mary some love on here and on her reverb.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

ifella, ifalla

"timing has never been so this before..." - ifella, ifalla (from the single "anything but")

i agree! it's time now to meet the new acoustic sensation that is ifella, ifalla. the duo hails from tulsa, oklahoma with josh douglas playing the guitar and kelly gateley as the lead vocalist. the band's fresh sound helps renew your love for music as it was when it had meaning. you can hear the innocence in 20-year-old gateley's voice. let's get to know them...

Dom: tell me a little about your group. when did you become a group?
ifella: well, we've only been together as a group for about four months.

Dom: how did you two meet?
ifella: we met on myspace, actually. we've been dating for about a year and a half now.

Dom: how did you come up with the name and what does it mean?
ifella: the name iFella, iFalla came from kelly stuttering. [haha] she was trying to tell a story about her falling and couldn't get the word "fell" out. so our name doesn't actually have a hidden meaning or anything.

Dom: clever, creative and funny! so in four months, what has been your biggest accomplishments thus far?
ifella: well, we haven't really accomplished much in that time. we are proud of the slight fanbase we have established on myspace and facebook though.

Dom: what is the first original song you two recorded?
ifella: the first song we recorded was "A City Named Tragedy" back when we were a three-piece. but as a two-piece, the first song we recorded was "Wide Eyes".

Dom: list the immediate and future goals of the group.
ifella: our main goal as a band is to share our love of music with the world, but our short-term goal would be to establish a local following.

Dom: any gigs coming up?
ifella: nope. no gigs anytime soon. we are waiting to further improve our sound and build a stronger setlist before we attempt to play for a crowd. hopefully in the near future we will have some locals shows though.

Dom: who influences you musically?
ifella: some of our musical influences are: He Is We, Bon Iver, The Scene Aesthetic, Mayday Parade, Kings of Convenience, Bright Eyes, City and Colour, and many many many more.

Dom: let's get to know you two a little bit. who is most likely to goof up on stage?
ifella: [hahaha] we are both prone to mess up when playing for people. and when one of us goofs, it makes the other goof as well.

Dom: karoke time. what would you sing and why?
ifella: just the two of us. only because it is bound to get some laughs.

Dom: bonnie and clyde. sonny and cher. big daddy and hit girl. what duo best describes you two and why?
ifella: wow. we never really thought about that. that's a tough one. the duo that best describes us would have to be paulie bleeker and juno macGuff.

Dom: life is a movie. what's the title of yours?
ifella: indie-pendence day. [haha]

Dom: good cop bad cop: who is the bad cop?
ifella: kelly is way too nice to be the bad cop. and i would have a blast yelling at a criminal.

Dom: who has the last word?
ifella: kelly definitely has the last word. its a woman's world. [haha]

check out ifella, ifalla here
well this time i'll have the last word! haha
take a bow ifella, ifalla. you have earned the Dom seal of approval.

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