Wednesday, September 15, 2010

revis pevis!

i am suing darrelle revis! he owes me big time! allow me to lay out my case before this court of readers. i'm sure you would agree.

revis hold out day 1 -
so...little known fact about me, i am an agent for professional athletes in the off-season. surprised? i know. anyway, i'm just chillin one day eating a cheeseburger and some fries when revis hits me up saying that he wants to renegotiate his contract. so i wiped my greasy hands off on my suit and got in my car to drove to the airport. when i got to new york, i got a cab and the cab driver didn't speak english and dropped me off at the trump international hotel. i knew it was pricy but it started raining so i went ahead and checked into an executive suite (the only room available at the time...that i liked.)
rolling total:
unfinished burger: $7
suit: $800
airline ticket: $737
hotel for 1 day: $1600

revis hold out day 2 & 3 -
so revis reveals to me that he's tryna get paid so i told him that i needed to do some research on what's the best way to get my client the money he feels he deserves. that's when i noticed my w.w.j.m.d. (what would jerry mcguire do) wristband. that's when i knew i had to brush up on my skills so i popped in the jerry mcguire dvd. so on day 3, revis and i went into the meeting with the jets confident that we were going leave out of there with a deal. so i said, "show me the money!" they kicked me out and told revis that nothing had been decided and rescheduled the next meeting for a week out.
rolling total:
dvd rental: $12
meeting fee: $500
getting kicked out of the meeting fee: $300
hotel for 2 days: $3200

revis hold out day 9-13 -
okay, jerry mcguire didn't work. it hasn't yet but as they say persistence breaks resistence. so i changed it up and came up with a couple of slogans. so on day 9 we went in to hear the offer they had in mind. 5 year contract extension, $18 million, $10 million guaranteed. terrible! so i threw out the saying that i thought best described revis' game:
darrelle revis - the o.j. simpson of defensive backs!
they didn't like that and asked us to leave. i guess they didn't appreciate the metaphor. i was only referring to the amount of takeaways revis intends to have this coming season. get it? interceptions. robbery. i know...genius! so i came up with another one.
the mike vick of cornerbacks!
get it? corner. quarter. that one didn't go over to well either. it sucks when u try to turn a negative into a positive and no one gets it. i didn't mean that he would kill your dog. geez.
rolling total:
late dvd fee: $60
meeting fee: $500
getting kicked out of the meeting again fee: $1800
hotel for 13 days: $20,800

revis hold out day 34-
after i got kicked out the last meeting, i had a great idea. i told revis he should turn his phone off for three weeks and see how good of an offer he might get. after he turned on his phone and checked his messages, he fired me. the jets were about to pull out of negotiation and trade him. so i got my stuff and went to the nearest bar and checked out by calling the hotel.
rolling total:
hotel for 34 days: $54,400
holding the room on a cancelled credit card fee: $8160
you shouldn't have fired me fee: $whateveridecide

revis hold out day 35-
revis calls my phone and realizes that he's sitting 5 people down from me. i was still in the bar so i didn't have to pay and leave. (liquor in n.y. is expensive) anyway, i was wasted again and started singing a song i made for revis:
"if i had a nfl team
first thing would be the first thing
i would sign darrelle revis
for 30 something guaranteed
minus my small fee"
all of a sudden, revis hugs me and calls me a genius. he picks up my tab and takes me to the airport and pays for my flight home.
fees: none

revis hold out day 36-
about noon i'm watching espn and i see that revis signs a deal for $46 mil with $32 mil guaranteed. wtf.

so that's why we're here. you've heard my case. i think i deserve to at least recover my fees which add up to a grand total: $4.6 million
and i better get my money. i hope he pulls a hamstring or something.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

darnell jackson

sup peeps,
ya'll know how i do. it's time for another one. six degrees of separation, this time on my cousin darnell jackson. honestly, on a personal level, i don't know him that well. i wish i did, and for different reasons that most of ya'll may know. i lived over 100 miles away, and when i did visit my okc fam, he wasn't always with us. but now he's doing his thing, and i'm so proud of him so here's a little about him:

from high school basketball, to national champ in college at university of kansas, to the nba. it would seem that darnell lives the life most would dream of. yet, for anyone that may know his story, he suffered a few scars on the way losing three family members. still standing, he is the epitome of what strength means. truly a beacon of inspiration to me. i haven't been able to tell him in person so cuzzo, if you read this, take this from me:

congrats on the shoe endorsement
congrats on the commercial
congrats on making it to the nba
congrats on your success at kansas
congrats on the baby girl (she's beautiful man)
i wish you much more success and i hope that one day we can sit down and catch up with each other.

darnell's shoes

peak shoes video featuring ron artest, jason kidd, shane battier, mutombo, and of course darnell jackson:

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


so someone found/stole my 2GB sandisc that i type my books on. the dummy doesn't realize that all my stuff is pub'd so if the they do try anything, i'll sue the dummy. i'm pissed to say the least.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

dom on youtube

ok's time i update the youtube channel with more vidz so i can let the ppl know me on a personal level. so that being said, tune into domuniquetv real soon.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

dom vs chris brown

song: so cold - chris brown

I'm putting out an APB,
Just to make sure that you
Make it back to me,
Never been the type to run back
To a past fling,
But you're way more than that
You're my everything.
How come I feel you even more
In the summertime?
Got my body shivering,
Feeling like I lost my mind.
You can't hear me,
So I gotta put the word out,
Ladies if you see my girl
Tell her to come by the house.
Coz I dont wanna live
Like this,
But my body so frozen
I can't slit my wrist.
I get it, I paid for my mistakes,
I'm learning from it,
Until you return,
I'm hypothermic
For real...

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

dom vs trey songz

song: love lost - trey songz

'01 was the best coz I had you,
I never saw another girl
Coz I was blinded by you.
Sad to say that, the reason that you're gone,
Hadn't shit to do with me,
But I see you moved on.
You was more than my friend
Like a homie,
Woulda been my first and my last
Like my only.
So when u left,
I took it like that aint right,
Lost my wings and fell,
Like an angel in mid-flight.
Holes in my heart that wont heal,
It's fucked up coz you act like
You dont know how it feels.
We catch up for the first time
Since the day before forever,
And you didnt even blink,
Like you aint love me...ever.
Song after song,
Poem after poem,
I called to you for help,
You act like you dont know 'em.
Loving you for the better,
Made me change for the worse.
My life long quest to replace you?
A curse.
All I want from you now,
Is permission to move on.
Very last stanza in this saga of poems
Thank you...for nothing.
Lost love.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

dom vs drake part 2

song: houstatlantavegas - drake

You and I were friends
Best buds in the evening,
Crossed the line once
I was sposed to be leaving,
Turned the car around
Knocked on the door like I was fiending,
Started on the stairs, then the couch
Where I be sleeping,
Thought we were in love,
On that night it seemed clearer,
You was watching me
In that overhead mirror,
Flashback, '05,
You needed a ride,
Called me up on the cell,
Had my girlfriend by my side,
Treated you to IHOP
But the saying goes,
That at after 2 am,
There aint no one there but hos,
But we go back before that,
Me, I represented,
A life of 9 to 5 work,
A life that you resented,
So you made money your way,
And no I never judge,
But when you try to have me and another,
I can hold a grudge,
You love that I'm a gentleman,
And I remain the same,
Even though that where you work,
You respond to a different name,
Too pretty to leave alone,
But to sly to be a keeper,
Never called you the s-word,
But I'll be your biggest tipper...

song: something - drake

I thought you were the exception
To the rule,
We don't even talk no more
I guess that I'm the fool,
Or was,
She does
Get a lot of guys attention.
We did some things
That frankly we don't ever have to mention,
Decisions, decisions,
I swear sometimes they bite you.
You were the next love of my life,
I know I more than liked you.
I never understood how we
Could make such a connect,
When the way that we broke up
Is simply unplugging the net.
But hey,
No regrets.
I wont even sweat it.
I see pictures of you now,
And I try hard to forget it.
A word to the wise,
Before you trust her solely,
Make sure you do your research,
Before you fall for a phony...

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

dom vs kanye west

song: streetlights - kanye west

Late evening, rush hour
And i'm walking home,
A million people outside,
But i'm all alone,
Headphones, four miles,
Horns i don't hear,
Broken glass, cut feet,
But there's no tear,
Most would say he's down,
Been there for a while,
Passed up many miles,
But he still smiles,
Catching stares from car windows,
At the stop light,
I would stare back,
But my mama said that ain't polite,
Alot have said, many times,
Things they wont do,
But i'm a man, so i stand,
On my own two,
On a mission to make sure
My baby's eating right,
I know just where i'm headed,
But i know i wont be there tonight

song: see you in my nightmares - kanye west ft lil wayne

Calm, composed,
Confident is what it seems,
But I only stay awake
Because I'm running from my dreams.
Some people call 'em nightmares,
But I see things real,
They're just another way of saying
How you really feel.
Things you never say aloud
Coz you're afraid to.
Superstitious, like you speak them,
They will come true.
I think it's best that we
communicate this mistrust,
Coz if we dont, I guarantee
It will be the death of us.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

dom vs pink

song: please don't leave me - pink

Damn all that,
I be the type to chase
A muh fuka down with a baseball bat.
You say you ain't tryna hear all that
I'll do what it takes just to get you back.
Point him out,
Where he be?
Have him meet me in these streets.
I don't give a damn if he's 7 foot 2
I'll beat a nigga down til he's 6 foot deep.
I used to ask you all the time
Who dat that be eyeing you?
You tell me he's just a friend
Well who the hell you lying to?
Why your number in his phone?
And what's that he be buying you?
You say that I'm paranoid
Well I'ma keep my eye on you.
Mad at me coz the grind don't sleep,
You the reason why I'm in these streets.
And yeah I slept with so-n-so
But that bitch don't mean shit to me.
I did you wrong, you did me wrong,
Let's make it right like Pleasure P,
You rather leave it where it is,
But that shit don't make sense to me...
I changed my ways, changed my number
But you ain't get that.
I do whatever it takes for me
Just to get back.
We used to say it's forever
But you forget that.
I ask her why,
And she reply by saying, "Baby get gone..."

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

dom vs drake

song: sooner than later - drake

Now we aint been together for a minute,
But everytime you come in town
You let a nigga hit it,
Say you wanna tell me sumn,
But you soon forget it,
Coz it'll only make us argue, huh?
Just admit it.
We each got our own thing now,
You got a man
But he dont know that you here now,
You say you hate me,
But I just can't see how,
By the way you holding on my head
Between your legs now.
That's why you play like you celibate
He been with you a year now
And you aint never let him hit,
Claim you holding out
Now you got his head in a twist,
But you always seem to come around
When you need a fix.
So dont be talking all the dumb shit.
Yeah I cheated back then,
But look what has become of it.
You learned well enough,
To come back and practice it.
Forever you'll be my chick,
You don't need no one else...

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feels me?
be easy coz life is hard...

old ish

I fell asleep on ya
Boy you act like you dont know me
With your spongebob verse
Meaning you can never hurt me
I'm not a new boy
Meaning you can never jerk me
Sticking out your bird chest
Put your shirt on homie...
No homo
I'm a freak (yupp)
Got your girl screaming
Dom UniQue (yupp)
No trey songz though
King of the jungle
No congo
But if you wanna step
I'll beat you down like a drum
Named bongo
Fresh out the bed
No time to rehearse
If you wanna
I can write your next verse
Versus me...


I put on for my city
Kanyeezy, Jeezy,
Snatching up these hos,
Who said pimping aint easy?
English overrated
I got japanese breezies,
Nanny from the south,
No ah-blay en-gleezee,
I'm the gospel no dumbness
Coz i spit the content that'll
Give they mind numbness
Watch this...
Pure scribe, keep it hunid
Shawty by my side give me mind
Es bonita,
Writer of year never been this easy,
Ask Jodi's bitch, i'm the truth
"please believe me"
I'm the type that can pull
A Keri Hilson easy,
And you the type to make a
Lauren London go Weezy,
Nobody hotter?
She say "u so crazy",
With your Nutragrain pockets
No mulah baby,
Come back whenever
I can do this daily,
But next time we battle,
You gon have to pay me...


a lot of people ask me, as a writer of all sorts of music, "what type of music does dom listen to?" let me be clear. i listen to every genre of music. that being said, this is my fav 5 and why:

5. wale - this guy crept up on my top 5 list fast for his lyrical content. he's not just another rapper. he is a true street poet. 5 stars!!! somebody tell a friend to tell wale that we need him to come to our city too. we got some kids here that need some words of wisdom.
wale on wiki
4. t.i. - impeccable swag. consistently on the chart list. you gotta respect the effort he puts into each and every album.
3. kanye west - i can't pick against fam but that's not the only reason why he's on the list. he's the buzz all over the world and a definite crossover threat. i dont care what anyone says about this guy. my favorite karaoke song comes from "heartbreak and 808s"..."robocop"!
2. chamillionaire - king of the south, especially in the mixtape game. anytime he is challenged, he steps to the mic and delivers perfection. you gotta give props to a guy when he released an entire album without cussing or using the n-word in spite of what oprah said. genius!
1. j.a.y. - anyone that can switch from hip-hop to r&b without losing street credit is a winner to me. outside the fact he's my little brother, the punch lines he presents make him a champ at a very young age.

honorable mentions - trey songz, lupe fiasco, fall out boy, chris brown, fabolous, jeremih, wyclef jean, young cash, t-pain, lil wayne, paramore, drake, and ne-yo

who's on your list?

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

tulsa on tmz

the fiery furnace felt around the world...well across america anyway. the mysterious fire seemed to pique the interest of the media kings at tmz. although they let their imaginations get the best of them by suggesting that a certain movie started the fire, it was cool to see that took a second look at a piece of history that had been with tulsa since the 50's. (we all know aliens started the fire)

check it out here

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...