Sunday, November 21, 2010

ya boy money militia

-dallas, tx

this time we have a treat from the streets. the prodigy of king of kings records: ya boy money militia. we all are familiar with the phrase "from rags to riches" but, we'll see just how one man accomplished just so with hard work and determination. let's get into it. how about we let the people know what's good? you ready?

"i was lost in the streets, it didn't amount to nothing, i'm just a traveling man, running from my past troubles...if you ask me if i'm ready, i'ma tell you let's go." - ya boy money (lyrics from "i'm ready" freestyle)

in and out of juvenile detention centers. living on the streets at age fifteen. surrounded by pimps, prostitutes, and drugs. altogether, it spells the recipe of inevitable disaster; namely prison or death. money, however, weathered the storm (so to speak) and went on to become a legit entrepreneur. at 19 he opened a nightclub. later he franchised 3 t-mobile stores and ultimately became a diamond broker. through all of these business dealings, he brushed shoulders with the likes of many and his associates eventually convinced him to tell his story via song. enough from me, let's get it from money himself.

"got a couple things that i wanna let you know, if i let you in promise you won't tell a soul..." - money militia (lyrics from "u girl")
i can't promise that. lol i got a lot of readers. shall we continue?

Dom: first of all i wanna thank you for taking time out to answer these questions. i think we all are about to receive a life lesson in the true meaning of the word hustle. i read over your brief bio and it seems you learned early to make something from nothing. what was your motivation behind your drive if you didn't have the support of others?
ybmm: i always had a belief it was easy. i didn't see others on it but i always wanted it no matter what it took. [haha] now eventually, i found out it wasn't too easy but everything i went through just moulded me, my real motivation that made me continue was to help those around me who were in worse situations.

Dom: that's what's up. there are many brothers out there that, given the same circumstances, would still be in the streets today if not dead or in jail. how did you make the transition from the streets to entrepreneurship?
ybmm: i watched all my pa'tnas die or get locked up. i knew eventually things i was doing wouldn't last after being in jail 28 times. i was then treading a thin line. the wrong move would [hinder] me and i no longer wanted that life.

Dom: a lot of people, including myself, say they use life as their fuel for their craft. is the same true for you? explain.
ybmm: aww yeah. my life and lives i've witnessed. everything i've lived through has been an educational lesson, which i can now give to others to use as they would like.

Dom: what made you want to become a lyricist and how long have you considered yourself as such?
ybmm: i don't think i've ever had a boring moment [haha]. friends and business partners always told me if i put my life on the beat, i'd be successful. guess they were right. i recorded my first song around four years ago.

Dom: nice. now how does "ya boy money militia" compare to bernard nuar? (for example an alter ego, personality, or an expressionist for bernard nuar)
ybmm: uh, i'm ME. i guess my alter ego is me going from being happy to me being mad then you'll see a switch.

Dom: i bet [haha] getting to the album "hustle and flow", from the listed tracks available, you have some hott collabos including diamond and lil keke. how did that come about?
ybmm: being at the right place at right time, i guess, and them feeling what i got. also diamond and me share the same manager so it's easy to get a hold of dorrough, diamond, or the gs boyz. we fam.

Dom: that's what's up. hard question: what is your favorite track on this album?
ybmm: what you wanna do.

Dom: wasn't so hard after all [haha]. how did you come up with the concept for "u girl"?
ybmm: i saw this bad chick at the mall and i straight up told her what i wanted to do and she fell for it.

Dom: gotta love the ladies. and the game. any past body of works like mixtapes, albums that we should know about since 2006?
ybmm: "Hustle and Flow vol.1 DJ DROP" and "Hustle and flow vol.2 Princess Kut (TX $hit)"

Dom: any shows in the near future?
ybmm: dec 2nd at texas a&m. (for tickets to that show, go to

Dom: any shoutouts/message for the people reading this blog post?
ybmm: Stay tuned, you 'bout to hear one the best tapes ever:
2011 DJ Cannon "Money Never Sleeps".
money militia on reverbnation

yessir! you heard it right here first peeps. the prince of dallas has spoken and i wish him immediate success. he has the content to be top rated in the game and the drive to have longevity. money militia, take a bow. you have earned the Dom seal of approval.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

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