Thursday, November 11, 2010

slim goody

hey peeps. this segment of six degrees takes us to broken arrow where a 26-year-old rapper by the name of slim goody lets us know why we should be telling people about him. you know how i do. let's drop in on slim goody.

"got my own swagger, i will never jock, my stomach hurts, so i guess i gotta take another drop.." slim goody (an excerpt from "slimtro")

Dom: who is slim goody and what is the meaning behind your name?
slim: slim goody is a inspired artist/composer (anybody with a software and keyboard call themselves producers nowadays). i'm a musician first. i got the name "slim" while in atlanta, it was a name everybody seem to call me at every job i worked. i liked it, and because i hate my government name so much, i ran with it. now no one knows my real name, they only know "slim". job supervisors, associates, managers and all. "goody" came from a artist by the name of "mike slim" from baton rouge, louisiana. we were in group called "1st born" in 2004. he always said i had "the goods". he wanted his name to be goody but thought it fit me well for some reason. every time he'd see me, which was everyday....he would shout "get 'em goody". that's where slim goody comes from. the beginning of my atlanta life also started me off with a new name.

Dom: nice. where are you from originally?
slim: i was born and raised on the westside of chicago.

Dom: okay, okay. it looks like you've been doing some traveling around the u.s. and now you're in oklahoma. have you checked out any of the local talent? there are some good ones out there. if so, who would you work with?
slim: yeah. my girlfriend libido ink is from oklahoma. we met at my georgia studio in riverdale back in 04. she's my only affiliation for being here. there are a lot of good talent here, i agree. ( brandon stevens (alex b) was by far one of the coldest r&b artist from oklahoma until his unfortunate murder. people like super j, j friday, stacks and paccman (two productively skilled people)...lil hennessy, yung villian and 3 minds pretty nice. tre k got it for the club dance music, but my girl "libido ink" smashing all of 'em. not just saying it because of her title, but that beyonce/gaga/rhianna swag, she handling rappers out here! i like the freestylers out here more than the artist that's "somebody". i'd like to work with "l peezy", (ill with the bars). hawaii jones, swagg 101, a young group that sound like they been around at least 5 yrs. i'll put money on those boys. and the few i named earlier just for the buzz.

Dom: you just named half of oklahoma just now [haha]. what do people need to know about slim goody?
slim: slim goody is "somebody i think you should know". with my partner "libido ink", we r a walking hit-factory! songwriting/production + perfect vocals = instant placement $$$$$

Dom: i hear ya. so who in the game inspires you?
slim: the people that inspire are t.i., twista, kanye west, shawnna, the Whole def jam squad, and grand hustle.

Dom: that's a good list. now, sceanario: you have just signed to a major label and it's time to piece your album together. name your top five features you have to have on your album.
slim: t.i., rick ross, twista, snoop, and messy marv.

Dom: you got cats from all over on your fav five. now what bodies of work do you have out there for people to listen to? any original (meaning non-mixtapes)?
slim: i have four compilations out in atlanta that i'm the main feature on. "the takeova, dem 44 boys, da new beginning and goodfellas" all under jas44 records CEO derrick lewis. i have a mixtape and and two albums done here in oklahoma. self titled "silent assassins", interstate music whom universal wants to distribute, and solo album "mavarick" which was just looked at by warner bros today. I've produced three full albums here in oklahoma. "interstate music" (silent assassins), "maverick" (slim goody) "libido" (libido ink) and formed two groups: silent assassins and swagg 101. every album/compilation i've been featured on are produced or co-produced by myself.

Dom: that's what's up! what would be your signature track/single?
slim: my signature track would be "thrown by the wind". which can found on my myspace page:

Dom: what have you accomplished in your career thus far?
slim: accomplishments i've achieved in the game so far is wisdom for one. knowing my place and accepting my role at the time. connections to the people that can get me where i want to be. overall understanding on how to do you but still do "them".

Dom: any near future/distant goals?
slim: of should aways have a goal. my one and only is to have a million dollars in a account for my daughter before she turns 10. everything and everybody else will be okay if i can get that done.

Dom: i feel you on that. what's next for slim goody?
slim: i was planning on heading back to atlanta next summer, but this meeting today with warner bros might be steering me to l.a. libido's down for whatever, and moms is in san it looks like God is working it all into motion. that's all i can trust. i know my plans, but i never know his.

Dom: amen. last question. what message/shoutouts for the people reading this blog?
slim: i want to shout out EVERYBODY that checked out the blog on "slim goody". i'm just as hungry as you, the difference is...i don't mind sharing, i know where to get more!

slim goody on reverbnation

and there you have it peeps. hunger and grind. two attributes i respect in everyone. slim goody, take a bow. you have earned the Dom seal of approval. even though you have 799 shoutouts haha just kiddin.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

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