Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the michael williams story

the series is complete. see how it all comes down in dear jane letter. for those of you new to the series, start it off with center of it all to see how it begins with michael's dirty little secrets. then get it straight from michael's mouth in forbidden fruit.

***brand new**** for those of you who can't get enough of this romance turned murder mystery series, a special edition hardcover with all 3 books in 1 is available for a limited time only at Dom UniQue's bookstore! get yours today!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

reverse species-ism

prior to the 1960's it was expected that black people were to get off the sidewalk when a white person was approaching...rain or shine. fortunately we're past that now. however, it seems the tide is changing once more. in the future, the entire human race will be subject to the geese! that's right...the geese. duck, duck, goose will now be known as duck, duck, rabbit. i don't make these rules, i just report them. apparently, they don't like rabbits. anyway, all humans are expected to move off the sidewalk when a goose is on the loose. all violators will be subject to a fly-by-pooing!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


check out the new cover for un-apologetic! maybe you authors didn't hear me out there last time but if you want hot covers like mine HIT UP MY FRIENDS AT BLACK HIPPO AND FIXED FOCUS!
special thanx to Calvin Fraites. this pic is amazing. enjoy...

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


the results are in. the fundraiser for carver middle school's athletic department was a success. i would personally like to thank everyone in the community that supported the cause. many thanks to Nancy Christy and Deana Holt for putting this together.

it was crazy stepping foot in the new gym and it was nothing like it had been before. everything was switched around. the once outdoor classroom, is nothing more than a parking lot. the former gym, now classrooms and tech rooms. i hadn't been in the building since 1999! about old school.
shout out to my carver c/o '99 fam. a lot of babies out there. kyra is still goofy. ricky is still ricky. mark is now a fitness instructor. j.c. is doing his music thing. and of course the feature of the night, nfl superbowl champ from the new orleans saints, robert meachem. to the game.
it was a close game. we played 7 minute quarters and halftime wasn't nearly as long enuff for those of us who hadn't picked up a basketball since...2000 (give or take a year or two). the alum was the home team (coached by coach buck). i didn't plan on playing but with a little convincing from the teachers, i decided to come off the bench (praying nobody got tired). so, second quarter. i'm in like flynn and i would love to say i hit about seven 3's and had 10 assists, 9 steals, and 14 rebounds. but that would be lying haha. 5 mins into the 2nd quarter i'm huffing and puffing like i played 10 games with no rest! gee...but after sitting out the 3rd quarter and getting my gatorade on, i caught my second wind. then i started to contribute. diving for loose balls, blocking shots (okay just one) and snatching rebounds (4). i managed one steal becoz we hadn't any jerseys and the guy passed the ball directly to me and meachem tripped over my back while i was gathering the ball. it felt good to get back in the zone of basketball but trust me, i dont need to do that again for another 11 years hahaha. oh by the way, the game went into double overtime with the coaches team coming out on top 71-68 handing the class of '99 its very first defeat in basketball. but when you think about it, if we were still in our prime...haha nevermind. if you're 21 and younger, stay as young as you can. don't wish you were's nothing attractive about it. lol

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

coming soon...

it's almost here! part three of the michael williams stroy. that's right. Dear Jane Letter. michael is back, and this time his past tries to get the better of him. see just how this murder mystery plays out when the heat gets turned up...literally.

i have to give many thanks to Black Hippo for yet another awesome cover design. check 'em out

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be easy coz life is hard...

hi dom unique

First of all I really enjoy your writing and I try to learn from everyone. I never stop trying and always try harder. I hope you have read my book which I will summit soon. I love critics because that's how I get better.

Well its not easy living this life and trying to write. Writing controls my emotions day by day.
I have two daughters, one is already married with four wonderful children and a still have a teenager who just turned nineteen. Its hard trying to cope with my daughter's emotions and her boyfriend. She has a boyfriend who is just finishing his master as an engineer and she is just in her second year of college. Its hard because I feel I have just started all over again in the raising situation. I already like I said have a married one and I am a grandmother, that's why I refer to myself as starting all over.

Its hard, my husband is a diabetic and my youngest has low sugar levels and you know how emotions can change in a growing girl. She is smart and is still in the growing stage. Sometimes I feel so tired, but somehow I get up again and I start all over. Please tell me I am doing ok, I need to hear it from someone else. I enjoy your writing and I try to learn more from you.

Take care,

you're doing a fine job. i talk to young persons daily about how they wish they had someone to guide them on their way. you've done that. as you said, your daughter is in college. thats merely a dream for many. for example, where i grew up, the high school grad rate is still only 50%. terrible isnt it? alot of it stems from a lack of parental support. so in my book, you're doing an amazing job! parenting never ends. neither does growing up. some handle growing up better than others, but you'll see your younger daughter will do fine as long as she has your support. remember, though, you can't live for her. that alone should alleviate some stress for you. it doesnt mean u stop caring any less. you have to take care of yourself as well with all you have on your plate. so write often. even if you're getting your true thoughts down on paper. it's okay to reveal yourself sometimes. its very helpful. never go to bed with a heavy heart. know that each day, that you have done everything in your power, and learn to be happy with that. again, i'm here if you need me. you're doing great!

best regards,

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
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no hablo espanol?

talk about your fresh fish! not even sushi gives you the entire fish head to tail. hahaha this is just a pure example of knowing what you are about to order. some ignorant people might say "this is america, the menus should be in complete english!" i say, if you want a taste of meh-i-ko (nice huh) then you better be prepared for what comes across the table. either that or do what i do...use the pequeno spanish you know to order combination fajitas and a margarita de la casa. (i do it every time) lol

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Monday, March 15, 2010

very intense

at age 14 i was raped multiple times, abused and used as a human punching bag, this continued until i got pregnant, the abuse stopped until i gave birth in a condo room at age 15.. then at age 16 my daughter who did not get a last name, was killed in front of me, we both had gone through molestations, rapings, cutting, abuse and more... but i was trying to save her and wasnt fast enough... i still have scars to this day, two years later. i was stabbed in the stomach the first time the guy (that was raping and abusing me) found out i was pregnant with his kid. i was too afraid to go to the police with my child because i didnt want them to take her from me. i tried telling the police but they laughed because i couldnt give an accurate description of the guy and couldnt provide them with enough information... so i was sent to a mental hospital. all this time i had friends that weren't in school helping me care for my daughter and trying to protect her and me because even my dad didnt believe me. all the councelors i saw refused to believe me and always were trying to get me to say i did all the damage to myself and that i never had a child. but to this day i still have items that belonged to her and i visit a cross i carved by hand myself even though its not by her actual grave. my house (where my daughter was burried) was sold and i am never to go there again... she was born July 2nd 2007, and died August 17th 2008. her first and middle name is and will always be Sofia Catalina.

hi dom

i just wanted to talk about how people yell and scream at you for basically just standing there. my mother does this often and this morning was ridiculus. she went nuts on me about a dog leash and brought up things that had nothing to do with finding a dog leash. she actually said that if i got addicted to drugs and died "oh gee thats too bad." i'm sure many people suffer from verbal abuse and that most people don't realize how painful those kinds of things are and they're usually done for very trivial reasons. words hurt as much as fist.
>melissa l.

school fundraiser

calling all wildcats,

show your support for the best middle school on the planet. carver! here's what's going on:

"Thu Mar 18 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
You know where to find us!
in the Carver gymnasium. Basketball exhibition game featuring some of your favorite classmates from the AMAZING Class of 1999. NFL Superbowl Champion Robert Meachem, Chadd Evans, J.C. Seals, Carlin Adkism . . . just to name a few. The guys will be playing against current and former coaches. This game is a fundraiser for the athletic department, and we would love to see ANY and ALL of you! $7.00 for an evening of fun and fellowship." - Nancy Christy

shout out to all my classmates c/o 99.
much love to all of ya'll and those we lost.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

man...oh man!

okay me a favor. raise your hand if you were at the 2nd anniversary groove network comedy bash featuring rudy rush. okay now look around for the dummy that didn't raise their hand and slap 'em in the back of their head coz you know they wasn't in the hospital so they should have been there!

first off: much thanx to rudy rush for ripping the stage. no subject was off limits and no granimals shirt wearing idiots without a job buying up the bar were safe either...rudy's words not mine. hahaha hey rudy if he comes after you, remember i know three chicks that got your back like frank! hahaha (you had to be there people!)

i know alot of ya'll missed out! but because i'm a nice guy, i posted some pix of the event for ya'll to rub it in your face. (just kidding)

Friday, March 12, 2010

superior photography!

look...if you're in the florida area and you want your intimate moments captured forever, you need to contact my friends at Fixed Focus Photography. period. they have done wonders for me (specifically Calvin Fraites) and i know they will for you. here's a lil about them:

"Fixed Focus Photography is a team of photographers aimed at capturing moments in time to be turned into memories for a lifetime. We specialize in wedding and special event photography, however we can meet and photographic needs that you may have. We are based out of Orlando but we cover all of central Florida."
ph 407.610.7959

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

dear dom,

First off, I want to start out by saying that you are a beautiful
writer. I've checked out your art on Webook and your blog is def
booked marked. Its good to see a young black man making moves like you
You prob are asked this all the time but I am a urban fiction writer
trying to find my way into the game. Self publishing seems the way to
go given the odds, though submitting my work and getting denied doesnt
detour me from my dream of becoming a writer. I've researched the
pro's and con's of self publishing and although it is a great idea,
now and days it is hard to find money and time to put in the necessary
work to follow through. Income is tight and working full time with
plans to go back to school and juggling family leaves little time for
much else .. or so it seems. Could you pass a little wisdom my way on
how I can make it work ... or a few tips or something, because Im
still looking around as far as self publishing my book but I know that
a large part of that is networking .... advertising .... etc ... and I
just moved to a new city and Im kind of at a lost, though I really
want to dedicate as much of myself as I can to make my dream come true
Thanks for listening!
>sholonda h.

again, thank you for your kind words. i really appreciate it.
you're right, i do get questions all the time about how i made this self-pub thing work for me so i guess it's time i address it. remember this may not work for everyone, but this is how i made it work for me and what i do. something that most people don't know about me, is that i'm a family man and i leave very little to chance. i love what i do as a writer, but i'm realistic about my dream in that, this business is still entertainment. the entertainment industry is frugal and your success is really up to the fans. you're either hot...or you're not. so that being said, i hold down a full time, stable job, just like most of america out there; so i definitely feel you on balance and being pressed for time. one thing that has helped me is constant networking with everyone that i share similar interest with. i work with aspiring musicians, singers, poets, authors etc all from different genres. the more you get your name out there, the closer you are to getting your big break (six degrees of separation theory). one place to start is finding out what's hot in your area in the writing world. look for poetry cafes, spoken word cafes, book clubs, writing clubs, etc. i started out frequenting these places, performing pieces, networking until people started recognizing me by name. another tip, research, research, research...did i mention research? oh hahaha after you research, research some more. there are companies/individuals out there looking to promote, enjoy, read what you have to say. find those with like minds and network some more. i'll come back to this point in a sec. confidence is very important. to me it's number one. as you can see on my blog, i call myself the "writer of the year". on the surface, this statement might seem arrogant but really, if you know me, it stems from the confidence that i have in my abilities. it's a goal that i live everyday. writer of the year. i have my hand in a lot of different things, but i live, breathe, and live some more what i do...writing. i am comfortable with what i do. i perfect what i do daily. so therefore, i network (told you i'd come back to this) by emailing strangers in industries that line up with my goals. for example, i emailed a movie producer and told him about who i am and how i have an opportunity for him to further his career. the result? my first novel is being converted to a movie. you see? so what i hope you gain from this is confidence. confidence in what you do. knowledge. know that if you have time to read this email, you have time to send one to someone who may further your career or network with those who are doing the same. a friend. someone who knows what you're going through and has been there and is still there. i'm by no means a household name at this point...but i will be. and i never forget the name of a hard worker. keep writing so you can write your happy ending.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

intimate interview

How come I can see you
as clear as day
when the moon is out
and my eyes are closed
as if your face was tattooed
on the inside of my eyelids
but when the sun arises
all I can see
is your predecessor?

How come when I hold you at night
your body perfectly conforms to mine
as we lay
but when I wake up
all I have is an awkward pillow?

How come your piercing eyes
set my soul on fire at night
while your laugh serenades my heart
but when morning arrives
its just the blinding sun
and the sound of birds?

It's because...
well I guess now
I don't have to put it into words.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hey tulsa

this just in...
kjmu hot 1340 and keor hot 1120 the groove network's 2nd anniversary party featuring rudy rush has confirmed Tylee, Jay_Dub and Dom UniQue as opening acts! performing On The Dance Floor, Tylee features the mixtape duo Dub and Dom for a collabo that's sure to be a hit.

in case you've been hiding under a rock

rudy rush will be here
for the groove network's 2nd anniversary party
it's going down march 13th
at the tulsa select hotel
in the mohawk ballroom
tickets are $20
show starts at 8pm
dress code is grown and sexy

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ring of Truth - Now Available

D.D.U.H. ENTERTAINMENT is proud to annouce the release of RING OF TRUTH the spoken word album by Dom UniQue. it's now available and will continue to be available at my bookstore. again, thank you to everybody that had a hand in my project. I hope those of you who pick it up enjoy it as much as i do.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard

Monday, March 8, 2010

hey dom

i'm a 24 yr old single mom that's back on the market and i've noticed that i've been on the prowl looking for that somebody but all i've been finding are losers. got any advice for a sista or some single friends just like you? hahaha holla at ya girl!
>stacey s.

stacey s.,
first, if you've noticed you're "on the prowl" trust me, others have too. if you meet a guy, get to know him. if he claims to be into you, then he should be able to tell you at least 5 things that set you apart from other women OUTSIDE of your physical features. if one of the first 3 things he says has something to do with your looks, he's superficial and everything he says after that, he's making up. (sorry playas) keep that in mind and don't push the issue. the right one will come around soon enough. take care of that little one.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

parkinglot gangstaz

consumers beware! there's a new class of criminals haunting the parkinglots causing trouble at a department store near you. as you see in the picture here, there is a consumer out there riding around without their broken hub! the culprit allegedly removed the broken hub, and as he was spotted, he quickly threw the hub in a loose shopping cart and ran into a nearby neighborhood. the cart was later recovered but the vehicle it came from had already left the lot. at headquarters, we received a video from a group of thugs who call themselves pH short for parkinglot hoodlumz, who are taking claim to this minor act of terrorism. through the message full of poor, broken english and jargon, we deciphered that this is only one of many acts to come when the leader stated "we beez on a mission, a'ight?" we believe the worst has yet to come while most reasonable persons might think that the hub fell off and the owner discarded it in the shopping cart and left. hmm...
tune in next time for more random pic news!

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

old school

look what i found! a time capsule? i wish coz this is surely looking like a car dealership from back in the day. picture me in one of these with a breezy in the front switching lanes...okay maybe not haha. but i thought it was koo to see all these in one spot.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Friday, March 5, 2010

aurora music

Northern Lights: DJ Yellow, Kalva, Phunklarique, Schubert, Filth & Splendour, Alex Young

A long time coming, but Aurora's preseason bomb has been released featuring some of the best house producers out there. Take a listen!




dduh logo

hey peeps check out the new d.d.u.h. ent logo! it's the hotness lemme know what ya'll thinking coz i'm definitely feelin it. the page got a new swag and everything. shout out to my graphic pro for hooking me up! thanx Black Hippo

btw...check out my peeps at Black Hippo for all of your graphic design needs:

"We are a small group of talented graphic design professionals, web programmers and project managers.
We design every project with originality and professionalism,
providing our clients with a high quality product worthy of their company.
At Black Hippo we welcome any project, whether
it’s a logo for charity, or a full coded website for the most particular entrepreneur.
Two words can describe our company: ‘unique and modern’.
Whether you need our services for print or web, we are the right team for you.
We understand everyone has different needs and budgets,
so please contact us for a free quote.
*Please visit our gallery section to see samples of our work." -Black Hippo

Be sure to check 'em out!

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

rudy rush in t-town

hey tulsa...guess who's coming to rip the stage with clever comedy? thats right, rudy rush! you may recognize him from the doug banks show with his weekly segment "tell em why you mad son!"

now who do we have to thank for that...?

keor 1120 am and kjmu hot 1340 am the groove network! thats who!

lets break it down
who: rudy rush
doing what: being rudy
when is it going down: march 13th, 2010
where: the tulsa select hotel located off of 51st and yale
why: coz we feel like it
how: brought to you by keor 1120 and kjmu hot 1340 the groove network!
tickets are $15 in advance $20 at the door
limited seats available so get urs today!

tickets sold at pine street mart
call for more details
*Rudy Rush picture courtesy of*
if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

Monday, March 1, 2010

hey dom

a good friend of mine just joined a very dangerous gang and i dont know what to do. he's a good kid! idk what he's thinking! what should i say to him?
>brian p.

brian p.,
first off, if they are as good of a friend as u say, then he should have no prob having a heart to heart with u. talk to him. alone not with his new crowd of "friends". listen to his reasons why he joined a gang. none of them are good, so let him know if its attention and love he's looking for, he can find it in fam and in u. keep it real with your friend. i hope that helps. as long as he has a breath in his body, its not too late.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...