Thursday, February 10, 2011

new with j.a.y.

j.a.y. is at it again. back with the long awaited mixtape "double up". he had a minor set-back when his computer crashed where all his recordings were stored. but "double up - the 2nd coming" is even better than the first according to j.a.y.

"there were a couple of things off each finished track i want to change but because i lost the sessions, i'm unable to do so. even with that being the case, this mixtape is still sh*ting on alot of mixtapes out there," j.a.y.

and he's right. i previewed the mixtape and i must say j.a.y. changed it up; keeping the average rapper out of ear's reach. r&b, techno, fast tempo,'s all in there. with memorable features with r.e.a.l. like "f*ck love" ft 2URAW and "padded walls" ft ms. tylee, this mixtape is a 5-mic sensation. waka flaka, lil wayne, and eminem would agree that if you make it a hit, j.a.y. will make it a classic...and that's r.e.a.l.
if you haven't noticed, the art at the top was done by none other than j.a.y. promoting his graphic design venture "2TP" or 2UTHOED Productions. hit him up for low prices on good ish.
the wrap up: mixtape to be released any day now so follow @2UTHOED on twitter for exclusive info on that and his new webisode "a day in the life of dub". hmm...i wonder where he got that idea from.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard....
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