Friday, February 11, 2011

dezi part ii

"you girls really need to step it up, nails done, hair done, i do that on the regular..." desiree (u be killin em remix)

dezi is hitting it hard; letting the competition know it's game...over! new website, new pix, same swag, same dezi. this time she's taking it to the mixtape hustle one track at a time. here's an excerpt of her updated bio from her website:

"in june of 2010, desiree moved to miami to further her education and career, which she says was one of her smartest decisions ever. although desiree will be turning 19 in 2011, she is already approaching her third year of college at florida international university in miami, with a major in public relations. in just her first year at the university, she has become an active sister of phi sigma sigma, which has allowed her to perform at numerous events around campus such as fiu's golden idol and the annual phi sigma sigma fashion show.

although hip hop has always been a male dominated business and few believe that slowly but surely r&b is following the same footsteps, desiree wants to change that.
with her strong love for hip hop, desiree tizon is stepping into the game with some experience under her belt and letting the game know that it’s ready for a make-over." (

check out the website and definitely keep up with dezi as she continues to do her pretty girl rock!

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

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