Friday, February 18, 2011


"say hip-hop only destroy, tell 'em look at me, boy
i hope your son don't have a gun and never be a d-boy
all right, already
the show goes on
all night 'til the morning
we dream so long
anybody ever wonder
when they would see the sun up
just remember when you come up
the show goes on...
" (lyrics from "the show goes on")

shout out to one my fav artist of all time - lupe fiasco. as a matter of fact, he is the sole reason why i have a blogspot in the first place. (little known fact i was listening to the cool one day so i decided to check it out.) anyway the new album is almost here and as lupe says "the show goes on"...

look here. check out the message at it think it's really important on a social-political level minus all the politics, feel me? it's real talk. public service announcement. educate yourself.

lasers in stores march 8th. visit lupe's site for merch$, album info, and track listing. cop that, don't bootleg it dummies! it's real music.

if nobody feels you, i feels you, feel me?
be easy coz life is hard...

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